a tire adapted to electrical performance

To meet the specific needs of electric cars, Michelin unveils the new Pilot Sport EV.

Tires specific to electric cars have disappeared from the market as quickly as they appeared almost ten years ago. While the dedicated offer is non-existent, Michelin is tackling the growing market: after the Michelin e-Primacy, it is the Pilot Sport EV’s turn to see the light of day.

As its name suggests, the Pilot Sport EV will take place alongside the other tires in Michelin’s sport range. It will therefore be aimed in particular at drivers who are more sensitive to road feel and grip when cornering than to comfort or longevity.

The French manufacturer promises a fair balance of performance, between grip and rolling resistance. As such, Michelin claims to have carried out a test with an electric car weighing 2,151 kg, which was able to cover 60 km more with the Pilot Sport EV compared to the Pilot Sport SUV of the same size. Note that if it is classified in category B in the energy saving chapter, it is less efficient in terms of wet grip with the letter B, when the Pilot Sport SUV and Pilot Sport 4s are classified A.

A quieter tire on board and carbon neutral

The Pilot Sport EV promises to be around 20% quieter in the passenger compartment thanks to in-house Acoustic technology, which takes the form of a strip inside the tire that absorbs resonances. This should be barely noticeable in use, since at equivalent size (255/45 20), the Pilot Sport EV has a level of noise pollution similar to the Pilot Sport 4 SUV (72 dB) and even slightly higher than the Pilot Sport 4s (71 dB).

Like the Michelin e-Primacy, the Pilot Sport EV promises to be CO2 neutral from its manufacture until it arrives in stores, Michelin having committed to financing projects aimed at absorbing or avoiding CO2 emissions. . The tire will be available during the year with sizes ranging from 18 inches to 22 inches.


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