A VW Beetle for 570,000 euros: That is the Restomod Milivié 1

New week, new Restomod: The business of classic cars with modern technology is booming. Most of the icons now have a new edition of some kind. From the long-running Porsche 911, which is now also available as a restomod in a large number of versions, to exotics such as the Lancia 037 and workhorses such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, there are now versions with a more modern version Technology. An automotive legend that has so far been neglected when it comes to restomods is the VW Beetle. The German start-up Milivié wants to change that!


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From 2023, a total of 22 copies of the Milivié 1 are to be built – i.e. about one copy for every million VW Beetles built. Every Milivié 1 is based on an original Beetle 1303, which is painstakingly stripped down to the body shell by hand. Then the transformation begins.

Even if the Restomod is unmistakably recognizable as a Beetle, the new edition has almost nothing in common with the donor vehicle apart from the body and floor pan.

Milivié changed the proportions of the VW Beetle

The design is clean. Chrome parts, bumpers and rain gutters are removed without further ado, as are window frames and hinged windows. The exterior mirrors have been swapped for modern counterparts, and the classic bow handles make way for recessed door handles. What is not necessarily obvious at first glance: the proportions have also been revised.

The front hood was moved forward by eight centimeters and flattened. The bonnet has an integrated duck-tail spoiler (German: Bürzel). Headlights and taillights give way to minimalist LED units.

Visually, the Milivié 1 is rounded off by 19-inch rims, which are huge compared to the original tires. Last but not least, all VW logos are replaced with Milivié emblems.

Milivie VW Beetle Restomod
The Milivié 1 is clearly recognizable as a VW Beetle and yet some things are new. The headlights look futuristic.

Inside, the makeover is even more stark. Instead of the original instruments, Milivié GmbH, founded by Jonathan Engler, ordered an XXL digital cockpit in the Mercedes MBUX style. The two 12.3-inch screens have self-developed software; and as a small retro allusion, displays in the style of the original Beetle instruments are planned.

Carbon bucket seats in the interior

Apart from that, the interior is also very tidy. The up to four occupants sit on individual carbon seats, the door panels are said to be inspired by the Porsche 911.

When it comes to color and material selection, customers should have a free choice. As a small bonus, each of the 22 planned copies will be delivered with a matching piece of luggage.

It is important to mention at this point that the pictures shown here are only illustrations and the completion of the first customer vehicle is announced for July 2023.

Milivie VW Beetle Restomod

There is little left of the original here. Modern cockpit with widescreen displays in the Milivié 1.

This brings us to the engine of the Restomods. In the rear sits a Type 1 boxer with a displacement of 2.28 liters, two Weber carburetors and an electronic ignition system. The young start-up is not yet revealing performance data – but it should be significantly more than the maximum 50 hp of the 1303 S (with 1.6-liter four-cylinder boxer).

Porsche Tiptronic for the Restomod

The choice of gearbox may seem somewhat surprising, because Milivié wants to use the ZF automatic transmission of the Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 2. The four-speed Tiptronic will be revised for the project and adapted for use on the four-cylinder boxer. In addition, it is already clear that the Restomod will have three driving modes: “Drive”, “Sports” and “Manual”.

Due to the additional power that has not yet been specifically mentioned, the chassis will also be adjusted. Milivié uses double wishbones at the front and rear, the springs are specially adapted KW V3, and the entire chassis is fully adjustable.

Deceleration is provided by 343 millimeter disc brakes all around; with six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston calipers at the rear.

Milivie VW Beetle Restomod

The central double pipe exhaust is reminiscent of Porsche’s GT models, the LED taillights are filigree.

If all goes well, the first of just 22 planned customer vehicles should be delivered in around a year, i.e. around mid-2023. All production should be completed in May 2025.

However, an obstacle for those interested could be the price, because the previously unknown company calls a self-confident 570,000 euros for the basic version. There are also other dream cars or restomods with significantly more prestige for this price.

Perhaps the lack of prestige is also a reason why the makers of well-known restomods have avoided the VW Beetle so far.

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