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A woman built an environmentally friendly tiny house right on the water

Tanya Jackson

Tanya Jackson became aware of the “tiny living” concept three years ago while looking for a non-toxic living space. “My husband died of cancer 11 years ago and that took me on a journey to a healthier life,” she says. “I started with healthy food, clean water, and then non-toxic detergents.”

She realized how sensitive she was to chemical smells after banning them from her home. “I then decided that the only way to make my space as non-toxic as I would like it to be is to build it myself,” she said.

Jackson, who has retired after her career with the US Air Force, also liked the idea of ​​at least having the opportunity to move back and forth with her living space – since she is single and has a flexible job as a freelance sign language interpreter Has. With a tiny house she could fulfill both of these wishes.

So she reached out to a local developer in North Carolina – where her tiny house is located – to build a 391-square-foot home. She worked closely with him to design the house according to her wishes. For $ 120,000 she was able to create a non-toxic space with a covered porch that way.

In our picture gallery you can take a look at the individually designed Tiny House on the water.

Tanya Jackson’s dream tiny house on the beach

This text has been translated from English. You can find the original here.


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