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A woman transforms old caravans into elegant tiny homes

Lisa Rice earns money with her hobby: in one year she renovates and sells around two caravans.

Lisa Rice

Most people would breathe a sigh of relief after two arduous years of home renovation. Not so Lisa Rice. She decided she needed a new project.

When she and her husband moved into their 1970s home outside of Portland, Oregon, it was “in dire condition.” After they finished the renovation, Rice was “hungry for more construction,” she told Insider.

As a result, the housewife and mother of two started looking for the cheapest and most shabby caravan she could find. And found a 1978 Jayco that she paid $ 400 for.

“It was super ugly, but in great shape,” said Rice. Within a week she had it fixed for less than $ 200 and sold for $ 1,900.

“And that’s how it all started,” she said. “I love designing construction projects. I really wanted to do more and more. ”Now Rice renovates about two trailers a year – just for fun. Here you can see what your projects look like after their work is done.

A woman turns old caravans into elegant tiny homes – and earns double what she has invested


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