A year after the reunification of André and Monique: how are things now?

On February 27, 2020, the big news came out: André and Monique are going through life as a couple again. They made their renewed relationship with a photo on social media Insta official. A few months before, in November 2019, they had called it a day because André had feelings for someone else. Not much later it turned out that the other was Bridget Maasland. A few months later, Monique forgave André for his choices and tried again with the singer.

André immediately deleted the period with Bridget from his Instagram feed. Where André and Bridget first shared their love happiness with their followers, all photos were quickly removed. Bridget then responded to the reunion with the words: “I wish them all the luck together, they will need it.”

A few days later, on March 1, Monique spoke out again about the reunification on Instagram. She seemed to make a little sneer at Bridget: “I worked very hard on this journey, but the most important thing is the journey within yourself that you are making. Occasionally with hard lessons, but we all need them in this journey. Six years ago we joined our roads and well… sometimes it takes a sidetrack to get you back on the path of your destination. “

Shortly afterwards, the intelligent lockdown started, allowing André and Monique to spend even more time together. That period seems to have done the couple well. In May, Mo announced that she was ‘healed, learned, grown, loved’ and shared a sweet photo of André.

It’s no secret that Rachel Hazes doesn’t get along so well with daughter-in-law Monique. Her preference was for Bridget, with whom she can go through one door. In June, Rachel spoke about her son’s love life. “Even if he turns 100 with that woman, fine. I wish him his luck. I don’t have much with Monique,” she admitted in conversation with RTL Boulevard. “Sorry, if only I could play comedy, it would have been easier. She’s a good woman, just it’s not up to me. I don’t have to live with it.”

Although Rachel and Monique may not have that much together, Monique made sure that André and Roxeanne were reunited. Brother and sister had no contact with each other for years; the two even avoided each other during the annual Holland Zingt Hazes concerts. Last summer it went well again between the Hazes scions and their sons also met each other for the first time.

In addition, André put on the dress in June with his new single ‘Een Doodgewone Man’. In it he sings about the difficult period that his family went through. ‘In recent years we have experienced and endured so much. I consider it brave that you have now opened up so vulnerable to the ‘world’. Put your ego aside and your heart that speaks’, Monique wrote about it on Instagram.

In August, Monique gave a revealing interview Beau Monde. Shortly after the reunion between André and Monique, there were already rumors that the spark would have skipped between them again when André was on Curaçao with Bridget. Monique was then also on the island to take care of their son together with André. Where exactly did the spark go according to those rumors? In a toilet cubicle.

Monique said the following about this in the magazine: “André came to fetch little André on the beach; he came over and a spark suddenly occurred. I was very shocked and thought: what is this? He gave me a kiss. my mouth, which also startled me. Later he explained: ‘I came running and I felt a spark.’ “

In December, the icing on the cake followed: André got on one knee for his great love.

A few days later, Bridget also heard about the engagement. “I’m just very curious who he will ask for Christmas next year,” she said at the time. A little later she admitted that André had also proposed to her and that she had said yes. She also told RTL Boulevard: “I am really happy for them and others are more involved with it than I am.”

At the end of December André looked back on the break with Monique in the program Linda’s Winter Month. According to him, things had not been going well between the couple for months. “At one point I had my own house and I already lived there. We weren’t really separated yet, but at one point I sat on the couch and said, ‘If you can’t live with what makes me happy, then we have to stop. ‘ It was about alcohol. “

André and Monique’s relationship is now stronger than ever. The two leave all the misery behind and now focus on family expansion. In an interview with Show news in January André said: “In the seven years that we have been together, it has never been done better than now. I hope that we can continue this happiness and that next year we can come with the news that we will have a second child. “


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