A year ago: Tesla boss Musk surprisingly announced Giga Berlin in Germany

Not unnoticed by Tesla observers on Twitter, this week marked the first anniversary in the short history of the German Gigafactory project in Grünheide: On November 12, 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made an appearance at the award ceremony for the Golden Steering Wheel for the Model 3 in Berlin. Even that was not expected, and certainly not what Musk then announced: Tesla would set up its European Gigafactory very close in Brandenburg, he told the surprised audience.

Big day for Tesla – and Germany

This big day for Tesla and almost even more for Germany and Brandenburg marked the first anniversary on Thursday. If everything had gone according to the (latest) plans, the first paint shop components could have been installed in the German Gigafactory. The part of the building for this was ready in September, but Tesla’s application for advance approval for the installation has not yet been granted.

But even so, more has happened since Musk’s German announcement a year ago than most would have previously thought possible. A series of pictures by @ gf4tesla, who has accompanied the Gigafactory project on Twitter and YouTube from the very beginning, impressively demonstrates this.

In November a year ago, two days after the big Tesla Day, nothing but green can be seen when taking a drone look at the site in Grünheide. The next photo was taken at the beginning of March this year, almost four months later. The 90 hectares of pine trees have already been cleared on it, as Tesla was allowed to do in the first of six advance permits. Another two months later, in May 2020, the previously wooded ground is light brown and leveled.

Musk’s visit almost on the anniversary

From the anniversary this week, after another six months later, @ gf4tesla delivered a picture from the same perspective that the German Tesla factory is basically already on. Seen from the south, however, the front outer wall is still missing, and not all sub-areas have yet been covered and connected to one another to form the overall gigafactory. Meanwhile, there is emptiness inside until the installation of the technology is approved. Presumably to accelerate this, Tesla boss Musk met the Brandenburg Minister of Economic Affairs again in the week before the first anniversary.


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