AB InBev takes a different tune with the appointment of a new CEO | Financial

Brito has been working for the brewer for 32 years, of which 15 years as the highest boss. He expanded the company through a series of acquisitions. As a result, the group now accounts for about a third of the beers worldwide. But the relatively high debts, especially since the billion-dollar acquisition of SABMiller in 2016, has been increasingly worrying investors recently. There has been speculation about a departure for some time.

Doukeris, like Brito, is a Brazilian. He has worked for AB InBev since 1996 and currently heads the North American operations.

Corona crisis

Last year, AB InBev still felt the corona crisis quite well in its results. Due to the lockdowns and the closure of the catering industry, the company saw sales volumes fall, as did turnover and profit. But the first quarter of this year saw a recovery again, despite the fact that many countries still have many corona restrictions. More beer was bought again and the brewer benefited from a stronger bet on premium beers, the prices of which are somewhat higher.

There was a quarterly profit of $ 595 million in the books. In the same period last year, AB InBev suffered a further loss of more than $ 2 billion due to certain write-offs and charges incurred due to the corona crisis.


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