Abrupt end of the dream trip causes tears for Simon and Annemarie Keizer

Simon, Annemarie and their daughter have flown over the globe for the trip of a lifetime. The original plan was to make a world trip in 90 days. However, this fairy tale came to an end after 46 days. Still, the couple decided to share everything they captured with their followers. They did this in a five-part mini-series on YouTube and the very last episode shows how quickly they have to make a decision.

The two are in Australia and are just planning to pack their bags and leave for New Zealand, but it turns out that the country has already taken the necessary measures. “We would go to New Zealand, but the country is closed. Every visitor is immediately asked to go into isolation, ”says Simon.

So the family decides to move to another part of Australia. We decided to sit out. And then we just wait. Nobody knows what is about to happen. ” The family arrives in a beautiful hotel, but after talking to a Swiss couple it becomes clear that the holiday is really over. They said that there is a very good chance that the epidemic could last at least four months.

“It has gone very fast in recent days. At first we said: okay, we will continue the journey for at least six weeks, then in Australia, ”the singer continues. If the necessary measures are also taken in the Netherlands, they will realize that it is only a matter of time before they can no longer leave Australia.

“We met a couple from Switzerland. They were in the same boat. They already said what we already felt ”, Annemarie says with tears in her eyes. They said that there is a very good chance that the epidemic could last at least four months. “But this is also just fear. We don’t know where we stand. (…) The trip was canceled. The moment you realize that the trip stops, you step over it pretty quickly. Most importantly, there is something going on in the world that people are dying from. Those are also the tears, ”she continues.


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