Abt Audi RS6-S: Up to 740 PS and 320 km / h in a tuned station wagon

For the company’s 125th anniversary, Tuner Dept one Special edition of the Audi RS 6. The “RS 6 Johann Abt Signature Edition “made 800 PS and was sold out quickly despite a base price of around 240,000 euros. Those who missed out will soon be offered an alternative. in the January 2022 abbots the Audi RS6-S on, the one with up to 740 PS waits. (Audi RS 6 Avant in the AUTO BILD test)


Audi RS6 Avant

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Abbot sharpened the aggressive optics of the RS 6 with a few Carbon attachments after. Front splitter with RS6-S logo, Side sill attachments at the front, side blades at the rear and a two-part rear spoiler ensure a befitting appearance. The massive 22-inch alloy wheels in the design “High Performance HR” can be attributed.
ABT RS6-S Johann Abt Signature Edition

The RS6-S is not quite as brutal as the Johann Abt Signature Edition, but it also makes a big impression.

Adjustable coil springs get the Station wagon a maximum of 25 millimeters at the front and up to 30 millimeters at the rear closer to the asphalt and put the big ones rims skillfully staged. There are also sport stabilizers for the front and rear axles. If the Audi is also to be driven in winter, Abt also offers winter wheels called “ABT GR” in the same format for winter or all-season tires, for example.

Full power only with 102 octane

Even in the series RS 6 there is a lot of power behind the aggressive presentation. Nevertheless, it is a matter of honor that Abt also adjusts the power of the adapted optics with the RS6-S accordingly. By Additional control unit climbs the performance of the Four-liter twin-turbo V8 from 600 to 700 hp.
ABT RS6-S Johann Abt Signature Edition

All body parts on the Abt Audi RS6-S, such as the two-part roof spoiler, are made of carbon.

If you want even more performance, you will get it new turbochargers and more powerful intercoolers also 740 hp and 920 Nm torque, this performance is only achieved with 102 octane fuel. At the lower power level, 98 octane is also sufficient. There is an optional Vmax increase to 320 km / h, Abbot does not specify new sprint values. The production car accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds. (Almost 1000 PS in the Audi RS 6 from HGP)

OBD adapter

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Abbot also touches the interior. Included in the package new seat covers, illuminated door entrances, individualized door sill trims as well as Carbon covers for gear knob, start-stop cap and steering wheel badge. In addition, an expanded carbon package is available for the dashboard, the seat frames and the paddle shifters.

ABT RS6-S Johann Abt Signature Edition

The first Abt Audi RS6-S will be delivered from January 2022. The package prices start at 42,900 euros.

Price of almost 43,000 euros for the basic package

The RS6-S package can be ordered immediately, deliveries will begin in mid-January 2022. The pleasure is not cheap, of course. the Prices start at 42,900 euros Including a two-year guarantee, costs for TÜV and installation are on top. A basic Audi RS 6 Avant is from 123,500 euros available.

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