Abt Cupra Leon VZ: What does the sports package with 360 hp bring?

of Spain GTI make it even sharper. That’s what the new sports package from Audi tuner aims for dept Sports line off. It’s hard to believe that there’s more to come. Because here in the magazine on page 86, where the new Cupra Leon VZ faces the Formentor, the compact Spaniard is completely convincing.

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A lot of driving fun, great driving performance and lavish equipment at a reasonable price. Now the Allgäu troops are laying around Hans-Jürgen dept again after. Firstly, the price, the sports package costs an impressive 6290 euros. Second in terms of performance. The car gets a power increase from 300 to 360 hpthe torque increases from 400 to 450 Newton meters.

Abbot Cupra Leon Vz

No tuning is needed here, the standard Cupra cockpit is sporty enough.

There are also lowering springs and a set of GR20 wheels. These are 20-inch wheels, fine-spoked, bicolor, including 235 tires. In any case, enough extras to arouse our curiosity – and to order the Spaniard with Kempten roots to the editors for a first driving report.

From 0 to 100 km/h in under 5.7 seconds

The plus in taste is clear compared to the series and noticeable in every driving mode. In 5.7 seconds, the 300 beats hp powerful factory car via launch control to 100 km/h. And the dept? We haven’t been allowed to install the measuring device yet, but we believe this Leon can easily reach 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds.

Power delivery and revving are noticeably juicier, with slightly earlier torque build-up. Especially on the Freeway you can feel the greater power potential and can accelerate much more often in higher gears without downshifting. Speaking of which: the Abt team leaves the top speed of 250 km/h untouched. It doesn’t matter, because the factory speed is sufficient and according to the speedometer, DA-RE 9575 ran over 260 km/h.

Abbot Cupra Leon Vz

It’s only sport springs, but together with the larger wheels, this Leon turns corners a lot more precisely.

In any case, the adaptive, adjustable standard chassis of the Cupra Leon VZ should easily cope with the extra power. Nevertheless, the refiner installed a set of stiffer sport springs on both axles. Even the bigger ones Wheels should improve drivability. In fact, the Abt-Leon is a touch more solid in the hand, clawing firmly into the asphalt.

Conversion directly at the Cupra dealer

The duo of wider wheels and the few millimeters lowering also brings a little more cornering speed with it. Hard to believe, after all, the production car is already really agile in curves. And one more thing: Even in the hardest damper mode, the Leon remains surprisingly comfy. Even with the clearly recognizable lowering, the Spaniard is fully suitable for everyday use in terms of ground clearance, it can be gleefully cheated on country roads.

Abbot Cupra Leon Vz

60 additional hp doesn’t sound like much, but the Cupra Leon pushes much harder than in the series.

So is there nothing to complain about? Well, we would have wished for a little more sound. The standard tailpipes babble quite nicely, but at full throttle there is a lack of fullness and beat, a pity. Dear Abbots, maybe you can add more here. And of course, the price can always bother you. But the 6290 euros are fair in view of the noticeable increase in driving dynamics and optics. In addition, there is the comfortable conversion directly at the Cupra (Seat) dealer warranty.

Specifications and price: Abt Cupra Leon VZ

Engine: R4, turbo, front cross
Displacement: 1984 cm3
Perfomance: 265kW (360 hp) at 6500 rpm
Max. Torque: 450 Nm at 5200 rpm
Drive: Front wheel/7-speed DCT
L/W/H: 4398/1997/1412mm
curb weight: 1505kg
trunk: 380-1301L
0-100km/h: approx. 5.2 s
Top: 250km/h
Price: 46,780 euros

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