ABT RS3-R: The tuned Audi RS 3 drives wildly

With the RS3-R Tuner ABT has its fast letter after RS6-R and Co. now in Audi’s smallest RS transplanted. With a 500 hp five-cylinder, bad carbon body kit and a price of around 100,000 euros, the tuned one is AudiRS3 in principle clearly ahead of the compact sports car class. But that applies equally to driving performance and fun! (All information and test for the Audi RS 3.)

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Before getting in, a short tour around the car. ABT refines the already aggressively designed compact with a few carbon parts. At the front, the RS3-R comes with a spoiler sword and side flics, and at the rear with a roof spoiler and diffuser. There are also mirror cap attachments and black panels behind the front wheel arches.


Bright green paint, huge black radiator throat, carbon parts, 20-inch wheel: Visually, the RS3-R really shines.

Four tailpipes of the stainless steel flap exhaust system with a diameter of 95 mm protrude from the rear apron. Together with the 20-inch aluminum rims and the kyalami green paintwork, the overtaking prestige increases many times over. Anyone who sees the poison dwarf with his nasty front in the rear-view mirror inevitably makes room. Abt helps the engine to 500 hp (+ 100 hp) and 600 Nm torque (+ 100 Nm) with a larger intercooler and additional control unit.

Optional carbon parts in the cockpit

Now open the door and sit in. In the cockpit, the changes are not quite as extensive. There are optional carbon parts for the seat frame, switch panel and paddle. The standard scope includes “only” embroidered logos in the seats, illuminated door sills, floor mats, badge and an ABT start button.


Apart from the embroidery, the seats are standard. They support well, but for the price we would have liked a little more individuality.

Great sound under load

We press the latter – and are a little surprised. When stationary, the RS3-R sounds pretty well-behaved and reserved, even in the “Dynamic” sport mode. It doesn’t matter, first gear and straight off onto the country road. Accelerate at the end of the town and the disillusionment with the meager sound is gone immediately. How the five-cylinder trumpets under load from the sports exhaust system is heart-rendingly beautiful. Snotty, drumming, rough, with a slurping intake noise, that’s exactly how a five-pointer should sound!

Under load, the sports exhaust hisses more than properly when the flaps are open and lets you accelerate more often than necessary.

The engine is extremely pressurized

And then there would be the more than tremendous boost. The engine hangs really tight on the chain, and it feels like you have to constantly step on the gas. How the RS3-R with its all-wheel drive digs into the asphalt and pushes forward is ingenious. ABT states 3.3 instead of 3.8 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, which we believe without hesitation. Intermediate sprints in high gears are also a feast thanks to the juicy torque. Thanks to the ceramic brake, the deceleration is also worth all credit, the performance and pedal travel are constant. This was also known differently from earlier Audi ceramic systems. (These are the best summer tires of 2022.)


The ceramic brake on the front axle already convinced us in the production car and does not buckle in the RS3-R either.

Undercarriage too low

On the chassis side, the optional KW3 coilover suspension, adjustable in height, rebound and compression, was installed in our test car instead of sports springs and anti-roll bars. ABT meant it a little too well with the lowering of the test car. On level country roads, the chassis is definitely a real feast, jagged turning and practically zero body roll in fast corners – great!


The chassis is great on freshly paved country roads. But if it gets a little wavy, it gets restless and the wheels grind.

However, the wheels sometimes rub in the wheel arches as soon as it gets a little wavy, and transverse joints hit the interior hard. That’s no fun, especially on motorway stages. One to two centimeters more ground clearance would do the RS3-R good, which is easy to do thanks to the height adjustment. Because especially the motorway is a lot of fun with the car thanks to full power and Vmax increase to 300 km/h. To be fair, it has to be said that Abt made the RS3-R available to us immediately with the premiere, and the chassis may be optimized a little more.

Price of over 100,000 euros

Finally, there is the price. A series RS 3 Sportback is available from 62,000 euros, the sedan from 64,000 euros. The tuning package including assembly costs 40,850.40 euros. For the coilover kit there is another 2490 euros, the three carbon options in the interior are together at 3070 euros.



Buy the Audi RS 3 at a discount at

The Audi RS 3 is available at with a discount of up to 8672 euros (as of July 11, 2022)!

Even without extras you end up comfortably above the 100,000 euro mark. Of course, that’s not just a lot of money for a compact sports car. But firstly, the performance is at least one class higher. Second, the RS3-R is limited to 200 copies. And thirdly, the car is so damn fun that the purchase price is forgotten after a few corners. So if you have the wherewithal: We will give our blessing!

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