AC Schnitzer BMW M4 Competition pulverizes series lap times

Fastest BMW. Tuner AC Schnitzer is not satisfied with anything else, and has been for many years. examples? In 2007, the ten-cylinder GP3.10 drove 7:55 minutes on the Nordschleife and set the world record for liquid gas-powered vehicles at 318.1 km/h. Then in 2011 the first appearance on the Sachsenring, equal to a diesel record with a converted Z4 99d.

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Sensational performances followed with the 1 Series M Coupé (1:35.80 min.) and the M4 on record day (1:31.80 min.). The BMW record at the Sachsenring is currently in different hands (Lightweight M4: 1:29.73 min.). But at least the M8 Gran Coupé is the fastest sedan (1:31.34 min.). You read that right, times have changed dramatically. It’s unbelievable what these sometimes heavy cars are capable of – and how they can compete with sports cars.
AC Schnitzer BMW M4 Competition

The colored engine look is available for 535 euros. The additional control unit for 590 hp costs 5925 euros, including warranty.

2022: AC Schnitzer was one of the first refiners to sharpen the new M4. Clear goal: Attack on the crown. “AC-M 4600” is only the vanguard, so to speak, the first scan with the new material before you want to go out on the big record hunt in summer. For the “first shot” there is pretty much everything on board that makes you fast.

AC Schnitzer M4 590 instead of 510 hp

The six-cylinder biturbo delivers 590 instead of 510 hp via the additional control unit. Later, 610 hp should be possible. The rear silencer has been replaced by a Schnitzer part with four 110 mm thick stovepipes for a more robust sound.

There are front splitters, winglets, roof spoilers and a rear wing with trendy gooseneck suspension for the show. The standard adaptive suspension had to give way to an adjustable racing coilover suspension.

Light, forged AC3 are in the wheel arches. Painted black, 10″ x 20″ all around. Soled with 285 and 295 Michelin Cup 2. Conclusion: compared to the series, wider front axle, coilover suspension, special toe link for the rear axle and non-slip Michelins – even in theory it sounds faster than the series. And it was already extremely fast in 2021. Wait and see, before the Sachsenring the M4 has to prove itself on the road and on the airfield.
AC Schnitzer BMW M4 Competition

With the plus in power and mechanical grip, the M4 accelerates out of the corners with extreme commitment.

The nice thing about the Schnitzer cars: A lap around the Ring works just as well as driving into town for a stroll. No chubby exhaust roar, no annoying rocker panels and spoilers, no on-off gas. And you don’t get back pain with the chassis either. However, its preferred territory is country roads and motorways.

In 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h

The cranked six-cylinder biturbo delivers its power surprisingly evenly. Even close to the rev limiter, there is significantly more pressure than with the standard M4. 250 things are reached in no time, up to 290 it takes a little longer. Maybe the spoilers will slow things down, be that as it may, he’s fast.

What does the meter say? With Launch Control and warm cup tires, you can get out of the starting block almost without slipping. The factory specification is 3.9 seconds, the Supertest car managed 3.6, the Schnitzer is a tenth faster. Even up to 200, the gray coupe is just ahead, but at 250 the factory car only sees the rear lights. the sound? Significantly more masculine than the series.

AC Schnitzer BMW M4 Competition

Canework, four 110 tubes with carbon dazzle that not only looks like good music, it also sounds really good.

Off to the Sachsenring, Schnitzer developer Roman Fenners wants to know where you stand. First a few laps on the softer Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. Sensational how the thing relents and greedily follows the ideal line. The additional power is noticeable, the chassis tuning significantly increases the mechanical grip of the M4. Time? 1:32.92, one second faster than the series with the same tire. Then peel the cup 2 out of the electric blankets and off you go.
No slides in the Omega, the triple links in a line, a real traction hero. The rear axle is still a bit too loose at two or three corners, but can be solved with even more tire grip. With 1:31.60 minutes it is clear: The record of the competition should fall in 2022.

Technical data and price: AC Schnitzer BMW M4 Competition

Engine type: R6
Charging: Biturbo
Installation position: front lengthways
Valves/camshafts: 4 per cylinder/4
Displacement: 2993 cm³
kW (hp) b. RPM: 434 (590)/6500
Output per liter: 197 hp/l
b. RPM: 750/3500-4500
Transmission: 8-speed automatic
Type of drive: rear wheel
Front brakes: 400 mm ventilated/perforated
Rear brakes: 380 mm ventilated/perforated
Brake disc material: carbon ceramic
Wheel size front – rear: 10 x 20 – 10 x 20
Tire size front – rear: 285/30 R 20 – 295/30 R 20
Tire type Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2
L/W/H: 4794/1887/1373 mm
Wheelbase: 2857mm
Tank/trunk volume: 59/440 l
Standard consumption • CO2: 9.9 l/100 km • 227 g/km
Emission standard: Euro 6d
Base price: 92,000 euros
Test car price: 142,644 euros

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