Academics worry about their careers in the Corona crisis

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The corona pandemic has a major impact on the world of work. This is particularly evident when it comes to the question of how the corona pandemic is affecting employees’ concerns and fears. While many academics are more concerned about their careers, professionals are more likely to have financial concerns.

The different answers show that the individual economic sectors are affected to different degrees and also depend on the level of training of the employed. This is the result of a survey of over 12,000 employees and job seekers by the job portal “Indeed”. The study was developed together with personnel experts from the companies dm, Otto, Thyssenkrupp, Fresenius and Korian.

More dissatisfaction and willingness to switch

What are the biggest concerns workers face during the Corona crisis? Academics are first and foremost afraid of a career stall. According to the study by “Indeed”, almost 50 percent of those surveyed said this.

For employed people and job seekers with other qualifications, the main concern is about financial losses. Every fifth skilled or unskilled worker is afraid of losing a job. Concern for their own mental health follows for both academics and specialists.

The “Indeed” survey also shows that almost half of the surveyed employees with a university degree are generally interested in changing jobs. Reason: Almost 40 percent of those surveyed think that their employer did not behave satisfactorily during the crisis. A lack of communication on the part of the employer, a lack of protective measures and the ability to work from home are the main points of criticism.

“The pandemic is a real stress test for the relationship between employers and employees. The obviously reduced loyalty of the highly qualified talents in combination with the fear of a career standstill therefore offer an opportunity for the competition to recruit coveted talent, ”says Tim Verhoeven, co-author of the study and recruiting expert at“ Indeed ”.

Security is becoming more and more important

When looking for a job, the aspect of security is particularly important to the respondents. According to Indeed, more than half of the academics surveyed pay more attention to security when looking for a job. For skilled workers it is even 75.8 percent. In addition, 70.7 percent of those surveyed stated that they expected more interesting work tasks when looking for a job. Academics also want more personal responsibility.

For almost 60 percent of job seekers from the academic sector, general home office regulations are also important for their new job. For employees, the demands on employers for an attractive job seem to have changed. Status issues such as prestige and company size are only important for 7.4 percent of academics. According to the survey, a third of the academics questioned would like “above all a company with innovative strength. 20 percent of academics also want to work in an international environment.



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