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Academy adds more films to shortlist for Oscar for Best International Film

The corona crisis once again forces the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to adjust its rules in connection with the Oscars. Since consultations between those entitled to vote are not possible, the shortlist for the Oscar for Best International Film this year will consist of fifteen instead of ten films.

The rules for choosing the Oscar for Best International Film – known until 2019 as the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film – have already been updated regularly. Until 2005, the voters chose the five nominees by secret ballot. In 2006, all jury members first chose nine films and there was a more limited group that chose the five real nominees from that shortlist.

Another two years later, the rules were readjusted again as the 2007 acclaimed Romanian film 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days fell out of the boat. Since then, after the secret votes, there has been a meeting of the International Executive Committee to see which films wrongly did not receive enough votes. They are then classified as so-called “savesAdded to the shortlist. The idea behind this is that not all jury members can view all submitted films, which means that good films that did not receive much promotion are in danger of being dropped.

15 shortlisted films

Due to the corona crisis, that meeting is every other saves not possible to select. In the United States and certainly in Los Angeles, where people normally meet, the corona virus is still raging very hard.

That is why this year’s shortlist will consist of the fifteen films that received the most votes instead of just ten films. That makes the website Variety known. In this way, the Academy hopes to prevent films from being overlooked. To be able to choose which of these fifteen nominated films will ultimately receive the Oscar for Best International Film, as a jury member you must look at all fifteen contenders.

Record number of entries

The list of submitted films for the 93rd Academy Awards has been exhaustive for some time now. A record number of 93 countries submitted a candidate. Fight for Belgium Filles de Joie by Frédéric Fonteyne and Anne Paulicevic for the statue. It has been 2015 since our country was shortlisted with Le Tout Nouveau Testament by Jaco Van Dormael. A nomination even dates back to 2013 with The Broken Circle Breakdown by Felix Van Groeningen. Belgium has never won the Oscar for Best International Film.

Nominations for the 2020 Oscars will be announced on March 15. The statues will be handed out to the winners on April 25. Pressure (Denmark), I’m No Longer Here (Mexico), Dear Comrades! (Russia), La llorona (Guatemala) and Deux (France) are among the favorites for Best International Film.


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