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Flashlights WÜRTH WLH 1.5

test winner

Würth WLH 1.5

EUR 38.75

highly recommended

Flashlights HAZET 1979-9.0

Hazet 1979-9.0

EUR 68.99

highly recommended

Flashlights GEDORE 3108678

Gedore 3108678

EUR 84.49

highly recommended

Flashlights KUNZER PL-081.1

Kunzer PL-081.1

EUR 42.50


Flashlight SCANGRIP 03.5612

Scan grip 03.5612

52.88 euros


Flashlights BGS 85321

BGS 85321

EUR 69.90



Value for money

Flashlight ECOOO LED

Value for money

Ecooo LED

18.99 EUR



Brennenstuhl Sansa 400 A

31.99 EUR


Flashlight Taurus 600 9044387

Taurus 600 9044387

26.51 euros

conditionally recommended

Flashlight KS TOOLS 150.4430

KS Tools 150.4430

55.42 euros

conditionally recommended

Nothing is more depressing than fumbling helplessly for hidden plugs with bloody fingers. That’s why we’re looking for the best LED flashlight to provide enough light when screwing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hobby mechanic or a driver – as soon as there are problems with the technology, a clear perspective is required. Flashlights with a cable used to be standard – depending on an outlet was cumbersome. And even worse: the tubes were sensitive to shock, often a fall was enough and the lamp was gone. Today there are powerful rechargeable batteries and insensitive LEDs. Practical helpers, especially when they are combined with a rotatable joint and a magnet or hook for placing the light source. The lamps can be hung up or attached directly at the place of use, providing illumination at exactly the right spot. Initially expensive and used almost exclusively by workshop professionals, these practical helpers are becoming increasingly cheaper and also appreciated by many hobby mechanics. AUTO BILD tested ten different models together with the KÜS, at prices between 14 and 72 euros.

Winner in the AUTO BILD flashlight test: Würth WLH 1.5

Würth WLH 1.5

WLH 1.5
  • excellent light
  • solid and high-quality housing

Price €72.00

The lamps from test winner Würth and runner-up Hazet are identical and come from the same manufacturer, and the WLH 1.5 is slightly ahead in terms of light output. Both lamps give an excellent light, their housings are very solid and of high quality. In the test, the Würth WLH 1.5 scored 231 out of 290 points and was therefore rated as “highly recommended”.

Price-performance winner Eecoo LED

Ecooo LED

  • longest burn time in the test
  • very high shock resistance

Price €13.99

The small and light Eecoo offers top shock resistance and the longest burn time. Unfortunately, the light output is very meager. In the test, the Eecoo LED achieved 167 out of 290 points and was therefore rated as “recommended”.

How AUTO BILD tested it

To test the brightness of the ten workshop lamps, a room was completely darkened. A matt black wall served as a projection surface for the light cones from the lamps. Before the test, the candidates’ batteries were completely discharged and then fully charged. There were two passages, 50 and 100 centimeters apart. The lamps are attached to the tripod and were centered on the digital illuminance meter. Impact resistance: The lamps had to withstand a fall on the front and one on the back from a height of 1.50 meters onto a concrete floor. Watertightness: To test whether the lamp housings are watertight, we sprayed them with a fine stream of water from a pressure bottle for 30 seconds. (Overview: Everything about car accessories)

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Ten flashlights in the test

The test results at a glance

The most important aspect in the test is the light source, i.e. how much brightness the lamp brings into the dark. Test winner Würth has 1550 lux, which is around 7.5 times the luminosity compared to the last-placed KS-Tools with 205 lux. However, the brightness also has its price, the lamp from Würth is also the most expensive flashlight in the test at 72 euros. The LED lamp from Kunzer is cheaper with good illumination – with 990 lux for 37.90 euros. The price-performance winner for 14 euros from EECOO LED not only impresses with its lower price, but also with a long battery life and great stability. However, the candidate weakens when it comes to illuminance. Not for everyone.

Flashlights WÜRTH WLH 1.5

With 1550 lux, test winner Würth has a luminosity that is around 7.5 times higher than that of the last-placed light.

Conclusion on the flashlight test

Simple insight: the larger the lamp, the brighter its light. Würth and Hazet deliver the highest quality and excellent light. The largest and brightest lamp also comes from a premium supplier: Gedore. However, it is not as well made as that of Hazet and Würth. Kunzer supplies the best articulated lamp: good light, high-quality workmanship.

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