Accolades: Sony is reinstating multiplayer awards

Sony is reinstating the multiplayer match award system introduced with Playstation 5.

With the launch of the Playstation 5 in November 2020, Sony also introduced an award system for online multiplayer matches. With the so-called Accolades, players could rate their opponents after a completed match by pressing the triangle button with positive ratings such as “helpful” or “leader”. The awards were given anonymously and then appeared on the respective player profile.

Accolades disappear in the fall

However, the Accolades system was not used as often as Sony had hoped. For this reason, the feature is now being discontinued. Sony explains this on its Playstation support page:

“The feature hasn’t been used as much as we expected, so we’re focusing on other things now”

, according to Sony. ”

We encourage the community to keep sending positive messages to each other.”

The function will be discontinued in autumn.

Feature used by too few players

Originally, the Accolades were intended to make it easier for players to interact in online matches. However, the function was only supported by a few games such as “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege”. Sony continues to work on new features for its Playstation 5. At the beginning of the month, a loyalty program was launched with Playstation Stars. Here players can collect points and for use new games.

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