According to Intel CEO, chip shortage will last until 2024

According to Intel boss Gelsinger, the poor supply of chips and microprocessors will continue until 2024.

Semiconductors are still scarce. The result is poor availability, especially for graphics cards or gaming consoles, and high prices due to demand far exceeding supply. According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, this situation will continue throughout 2023 and will also have an impact on 2024.

Crisis lasts longer

In an interview with CNBC, Gelsinger stated that many PC components are now quite readily available. The scarcity is now affecting the devices that are needed for production. As a result, the crisis would be more protracted and, contrary to earlier forecasts, would last a year longer.

Structural advantages for Intel

Intel wants to counteract the shortage of chips with new chip factories. As a result of this reorganization, Intel Gelsinger would be in a much better position than the competition. Competitors would be more dependent on capacities and components from third-party manufacturers. The combination of internal capacities and its own chip factories would mean structural advantages for Intel.

Availability of new CPUs and GPUs

AMD boss Lisa Su was still assuming in September 2021 that the chip shortage would have a much lesser impact in the second half of 2022. It remains unclear to what extent AMD is now assuming that the crisis will last longer. Both companies are currently preparing for the launch of several new products, some of which are based on new manufacturing processes. The extent to which these graphics cards and processors can ultimately be produced in sufficient quantities remains to be seen.

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