According to Stiftung Warentest: This is the best smartphone in 2020

The Stiftung Warentest has tested a total of 326 smartphones since 2018. None of the test devices received a “very good” rating. However, 185 mobile phones were rated “good”. The Samsung Galaxy S10 + * performed best of all models that have been tested since then. With an overall grade of 1.6, it narrowly missed the grade “very good”. For comparison: the iPhone 11 Pro Max received a 1.7, the iPhone XR a 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is the best smartphone 2020

With the Galaxy S20 5G *, Samsung also secured the top spot for smartphones that came onto the market in 2020. The latest mobile phone from the Galaxy series was able to leave competitors like the iPhone SE or the Huawei Mate 20 XG far behind in the test. Overall, it scored 1.8, while Huawei and Apple ended up in the middle with 2.3 and 2.5.

has convinced the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in the test

Important criteria during the test were the basic functions, the camera, the display, the battery, the handling and the stability of the devices. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G * scored particularly well with its display and its stability. The testers were also satisfied with the handling, basic functions and camera. There were only small point deductions for the battery performance.

Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + *, which was already tested in 2019, achieved even better results. At that time, Stiftung Warentest gave this smartphone at least a “good” rating in every category. The Galaxy S10 + was particularly impressive in terms of display, camera and battery.

Galaxy or Apple iPhone?

or iPhone? It is ultimately a question of belief. Are viewed purely objectively
the Samsung Galaxy phones but better than Apple’s iPhone. Now has that too
the test from Stiftung Warentest proved again. The biggest shortcoming of iPhones
is their lack of stability – they survive a drop test without a protective cover
few devices. Even older iPhones are usually still at least
just as expensive (or more expensive) than new Galaxy phones. So who is not on
Apple’s products is set with the Galaxy S20 5G or the slightly older one
Galaxy S10 + advised significantly better than with most iPhones (except
iPhone 11 Pro Max, which did a little better at Stiftung Warentest
than the S20).

you can now buy the Samsung mobile phones at a particularly low price

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G costs just € 777.00 * at Amazon. The price varies depending on the color and design. The somewhat older Samsung Galaxy S10 + is a little cheaper (although it did better at Stiftung Warentest). It currently only costs 659.00 euros *. If you are interested in one of the two smartphones, it is best to compare the price at Idealo before buying * to find the cheapest offer.


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