According to the CEO, the Tesla solar roof is snow-repellent – and “hopefully” this year in Europe

At Tesla, the energy business also grew strongly in the last quarter of 2020 – with 80 percent more sales with photovoltaics and stationary storage batteries, even more than the sale of electric cars. The Solar Roof product, i.e. roof tiles with integrated photovoltaics that Tesla has partnered with installed, has an undisclosed share of these sales. As a proud new owner has now demonstrated, they even appear to be snow-repellent, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed. And he announced that the solar roof could perhaps also be offered in Europe this year.

Tesla roof enters new markets

Unlike in the USA, there is currently no direct link to the photovoltaic bricks on the German Tesla website. But you can switch from the US version to Germany and get similar information – but instead of ordering the Solar Roof, you can only “receive updates” there by entering your contact details.

It’s been like this for quite a while, although Tesla solar roof installations are advancing in the US. But that could change soon, according to CEO Musk. “Hopefully later this year,” was his Twitter response on Monday when asked when the Solar Roof will be available in Europe. With regard to Canada, Musk gave the same information shortly before without the restrictive “hopefully”, so he seems to be safer with regard to the direct US neighbor.


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Europeans and Canadians alike got the opportunity to ask these questions after first Tesla and then Musk themselves referred to a video from a customer in the US state of Wisconsin. The solar roof on his house is almost finished, he reported on YouTube last week, and then filmed how the photovoltaic roof copes with snow – after all, if the modules are covered, they do not produce any electricity even in sunshine.

But the first snow test with the Tesla roof in Wisconsin was very satisfactory. Late in the evening, the new owner noticed that there was far less snow on his roof than on the neighboring one. After a snowy night he checked again – and, unlike the surrounding roofs, his solar roof was largely free of snow. This was not due to poor insulation underneath, as the Tesla customer added a little later in the video description.


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His roof in the video looks steeper than the others, which of course makes it easier for loads to slide off. But according to Musk, there is actually a technical reason for this. “The Tesla Solar Roof is slightly hydrophobic so that water, snow or ice can slide down easily”, he explained on a Twitter videowhere it is pouring rain rather than snowing. But both are more common in Germany than, for example, in California, which makes the Tesla roof – if it comes soon – only more interesting.


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