According to the report, Tesla is looking for a design chief for China – and is making its gigafactory even bigger

Already at the celebration of the start of deliveries for the locally produced Tesla Model 3 in early 2020, CEO Elon Musk announced that he would also set up his own development and design center in China, where new electric cars would be developed. In June, Tesla launched a design competition for the first such vehicle “in the Chinese style”, and it was recently reported that production of an electric car below the Model 3 could begin as early as 2022. As can be seen from a current video, the gigafactory in China is already being enlarged again. And Tesla should specifically look for the management of its design center in the country.

Tesla observer films Gigafactory expansion

Like the construction of the German Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin, what is happening around the Tesla factory in China is also regularly documented with drone flights. During 2020, these videos initially showed how another pair of halls for Model Y was created, almost mirror-inverted to the main and side halls for the production of Model 3, which have also been offered locally from the beginning of this year .

And as a new video from the observer Jason Yang last weekend shows, the expansion of the Gigafactory complex in Shanghai is obviously far from over. On the one hand, this shows that the construction of additional buildings has begun within the previous property boundaries. On the other hand, the Tesla site is being expanded on its eastern edge, beyond which the area was previously used for agriculture.

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What exactly that meant initially remained open, but obviously the signs at Tesla in China are still pointing to expansion. At the same time, the personnel preparation for the local design center seems to be more concrete. Because according to a report by the news agency Reuters, which cites three informed sources, Tesla has been looking for a line for it for four months, but has intensified these activities since December. Some candidates are said to have already been interviewed by the global design chief Franz von Holzhausen.

Bicultural competence for China electric cars

According to the sources, the search is focused on candidates from China, Reuters reports on. What is needed are experiences of at least 20 years in both Western and Chinese cultures and the ability to combine the two. When the bicultural leadership position is filled, around 20 more team members should follow. Tesla wants to be much more responsive to local preferences when designing for the Chinese market, including the $ 25,000 electric car that CEO Musk has already announced, which will then be more compact than the Model 3.


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