ACM City One: The city doesn’t need much more electric cars

The boss of ACM counts three reference vehicles for his City One on: the VW e-Up because of its traffic area, the Dacia Spring due to the price-performance ratio and the Honda element because of its design. No question about it: Paul Leibold does not set his bar very low.

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The main market for City One will be Asia

Munich, Frankfurter Ring, in the yard of the serial developer Magna: There it is ACM City Onewho is still on the IAA Mobility that attracted attention. Tin box, some blasphemed; clever concept, judged others. ACM (Adaptive City Mobility) was once considered a Lighthouse project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics. Now things are slowly moving towards series production. From 2023 should the City One in Asia where the main target markets are located. There, the small electric car will be used as a taxi or ride-hailing vehicle for the equivalent of around 10,000 euros sold. In Europe rather for 15,000 euros.

The production model will continue to grow significantly

ACM City One

Built for and in Asia: The City One will cost around 10,000 euros there. In Europe it will be closer to 15,000 euros.

So now the first rounds of the pre-series. Production manager Rainer Kühlwein points out that there is still a 20 hp engine from the Renault Twizy plugged. City One will then be included in the series 34 hp are driven. The motor-gearbox unit could be supplied by Schaeffler. A City runabout But even then it does not become.

ACM City One

Somewhat narrow-chested: Compared to the production version, the prototype is 15 cm narrower and 10 cm shorter.

So before we start slowly, take a look around. Leibold brought an e-Up for a comparison, because “the room concept is very important to us”. Similar dimensions, but in the City One the B-pillar is further back and the interior space is better used; it’s just one E-platform and no remodeling. The City One is still a bit narrow-chested next to the Up, but that will change. “In the series, the car will be 15 centimeters wider and 10 centimeters longer,” says Leibold.

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He shows a model with these dimensions in the underground car park. The City One does indeed look much more mature. And also the digital billboard at the stern it will be even bigger. But also in the pre-production version enough space for passengers and parcels. With the rear seat folded down, the City One holds 1450 liters.

In the ACM City One, four exchangeable batteries store ten kWh of electricity

ACM City One

The highlight in the trunk floor: four removable batteries with a capacity of 2.5 kWh each.

The highlight is under the trunk floor: four for quick change removable batteries à 2.5 kWh in the form of a case. Together with the fixed 16 kWh battery should be one with a consumption of less than 10 kWh per 100 km Range from to the 360 kilometers can be achieved. Charging is via a Schuko plug (eight hours) or three-phase in 2.5 hours up to 11 kW. It all sounds minimalist, but: the city doesn’t really need much more. On the short drive in the pre-series prototype, the City One reveals later strengths and weaknesses: Power and torque shouldn’t be the trump card even with series drive, comfort and haptics just as little.

Interior and service are okay

ACM City One

That fits the concept: In terms of haptics and operation, there is little to complain about with the ACM City One.

But maneuverability, a sense of space and that Ease of use are fine. Up to 110 km / h the car should be able to be fast, im “Eco mode only 80 km / h. “And that,” believes Leibold, “will be the main application.” Perhaps you should measure yourself by other standards – and put yourself in the shoes of a taxi driver in Mumbai. Up to 300,000 non-binding reservations should be received by the end of 2021, there are already a good 200,000. Paul Leibold and his team have just disassembled a Dacia Spring from the similar price range and compared it with their City One. Leibold’s conclusion: “We can beat him.”

Technical data ACM City One: • Motor: electric motor • Power: 25 kW (34 PS) • Length / width / height: 3600/1650/1670 mm • Battery: 16 kWh + 4 x 2.5 kWh • Range: up to 360 km • Charging time: 2, 5 to 8 hours • Empty weight: 950 kg • Load: up to 430 kg • Luggage compartment: 400-1450 l • Vmax: 110 km / h • Consumption: approx. 10 kWh / 100 km • Price: from 15,000 euros (in Asia converted from 10,000 euros)

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