Action: Sony gives Bravia buyers a PS5

Anyone who buys a Sony Bravia television by May 10 will receive a Playstation 5 for free.

To market its new Bravia TV models, Sony launched a new promotion this week. Anyone who buys and registers a smart TV from the X95K, A80K or A95K series between April 11 and May 10, 2022 will receive Sony’s new console for free.

PS5 with disc drive as a gift

According to the action page, it is the Playstation 5 model and the console version with a drive. It has a value of around 500 euros and is currently difficult to obtain due to the supply bottlenecks. Unfortunately, anyone who thinks that the promotion will get them to their PS5 faster will be disappointed. According to the conditions of participation, the consoles will probably not be shipped until August 15, 2022. But if you are toying with the idea of ​​buying one of the new Bravia models anyway and do not yet own a Playstation 5, you can get a bargain with the campaign.

Smart TV must be purchased from contractors

An overview of all TV models participating in the campaign can be found in Sony’s terms and conditions,

here at Mediamarkt

or here on Amazon (note the “promotional” notice on the 2022 models).

The smart TV must be purchased from an authorized dealer between April 11 and May 10, 2022. Registration must then be completed by July 18, 2022 at the latest. TV buyers will then receive the Playstation 5 later.

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