Actions at large laundries on the way out of dissatisfaction with pay and heavy work | Financial

Employers in the sector did not accept an ultimatum issued by the FNV union. The union is demanding, among other things, a wage increase of 5 percent. Trade associations FTN and Netex believe that this requirement does not fit the era of the corona crisis.

The current CLA for Textile Care, which applies to 7,000 people, expired in July last year. In addition to a higher wage, FNV also wants to have a black and white scheme regarding heavy work. Furthermore, it must be possible for older employees to retire earlier.


The union blames FTN and Netex for the actions. “By not complying with the ultimatum, they are burdening their customers with their problems.” FNV has not yet announced when and where the first actions will take place and what form they will take.

Netex has criticized FNV’s attitude before. The trade association points out that many companies are having a hard time due to the corona crisis. Particularly in the hotel and catering industry and in shops, there have been major revenue losses. Netex recognizes that some companies are doing relatively well.

According to the employers, a proposal from FNV to make different agreements for companies that perform poorly is not realistic. This is because the situation could be completely different in a few months. They therefore do not want to make “haphazard” compromises and are therefore proposing a moderate wage step of 1.5 percent for this year.


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