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Actress Emma Stone is pregnant with her first child

Everything indicates that Emma Stone is expecting her first child. The Oscar-winning actress has been spotted in Los Angeles with a round belly. It is clear from the way she keeps her hands on her stomach that it is not a few extra corona silos.

La La Landactress Emma Stone is known for divulging very little information about her personal life. But some changes are almost impossible to hide. This is of course about the round belly that a woman gets during her pregnancy.

Walking in LA

With such a round belly, Emma Stone was spotted about a week ago while walking in Los Angeles. The British tabloid Daily Mail was able to obtain photos of that walk and published that Monday evening. In the meantime, the entire internet is of course already full of paparazzi photos of the actress and her pregnant belly.

Secretly married

Emma Stone, 32, is expecting her first child, along with husband Dave McCary. The couple would have gotten married in the middle of last year. The two have never officially confirmed this, but the actress has already been spotted several times with a ring that looks very much like a wedding ring.

In December 2019, McCary himself announced that he and Stone were engaged. He did that with a telling photo on Instagram. It was given two hearts as a simple, but clear caption.

Saturday Night Live

The La La Landactress taught Saturday Night Livewriter Dave McCary in 2016. Emma Stone was on duty at the time. She also starred in a sketch McCary wrote. The two appeared together in public for the first time in 2019. For the presentation of the SAG Awards, the two skimmed the red carpet.


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