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Actresses lied about disability to audition | Entertainment

Producers Sev Ohanian and Natalie Qasabian tell in an interview with MovieMaker that they had to deal with several times fakers during the audition process for the film, in which Sarah Paulson plays a mother who gives her daughter little to no freedoms. “We received video auditions of young women in wheelchairs. But when we looked them up on Instagram, we all saw pictures of them just walking on the beach. ”

In the end, the role of daughter Chloe went to the 20-year-old Kiera Allen. She said this week in the New York Times that she hopes her casting will help more people with disabilities get roles in big movies. She is also very pleased with the way her character is portrayed as a wheelchair user. “This is not a victim, and not just a role written in it to assist the main character. This is Chloe’s story. Her disability is part of that, but it doesn’t make her who she is. That’s also how I see myself. ”


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