ADAC credit card: This is how it goes on – Amazon, on the other hand, is silent

The ADAC is continuing its credit card and has found a cooperation partner. However, it is not known how the Amazon credit card will continue.

At the end of October 2021, the bomb hit: ADAC and Amazon lost the Sparkasse-owned Landesbank Berlin (LBB) as a cooperation partner for their credit cards. You can read more about this in credit cards: ADAC promises a smooth transition – Amazon remains silent. Now it is at least clear what will happen next for the holders of an ADAC credit card.

ADAC announced today that Solarisbank AG will be the new credit card partner for ADAC Finanzdienstleistungen GmbH. The ADAC has now made all the agreements with Solarisbank AG that regulate the transfer of cooperation. The card program with Landesbank Berlin will continue with all services until the second half of 2023, as the ADAC emphasizes.

As Europe’s leading provider of banking-as-a-service, we are very pleased that we were able to convince our new cooperation partner with innovative processes and solutions and that we will be able to take over the high-quality card range for ADAC members from 2023. We are convinced that ADAC has enormous potential for the further expansion of contextual financial services. Together we will shape the future of this exciting ecosystem

“, said Roland Folz, CEO of Solarisbank AG.

No changes for ADAC credit card customers for the time being

According to the ADAC, there will be no changes for the time being for the approximately 1.3 million users of the ADAC credit card as a result of the change in co-branding partner The scope of services – including fuel discount and insurance benefits – as well as customer service will continue to be fully available in the future.

Together with the LBB, the ADAC wants to inform existing customers about the next steps at an early stage.

Amazon remains silent

Along with Amazon, ADAC was the most prominent customer of Landesbank Berlin (LBB) in a credit card program. But unlike the ADAC, Amazon has not yet revealed how the Amazon credit card will continue. Amazon is not currently issuing new credit cards.

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