ADAC TCR Germany: Engstler simply great

Dominant presentation of the Hyundai i30 N TCR, which took the first four places in the first ADAC TCR Germany race at the Lausitzring. After 20 laps, Luca Engstler crossed the finish line as the shining winner. For the young German it was already the third triumph in the fifth race of the season. Engstler was able to further extend his lead in the standings.

“The atmosphere in the team is of course great. I am really satisfied with today, “said the Allgäu after the award ceremony. And after winning his first race in a TCR car at the Lausitzring, he already turned his gaze to the Sunday race: “Now we will celebrate a little, but tomorrow it will be about important points again.”

Marcel Fugel was the best non-Hyundai driver in a Honda Type R TCR in the first race at the Lausitzring

Engstler started the race from pole position as the fastest in practice. “I went straight to full attack to get a lead. After that I was able to manage my pace well. ”In fact, his Hyundai colleagues Jonas Karklys and Martin Andersen Engstler were able to follow, but not seriously endanger him. However, the Dane and the Lithuanian fought a great duel for second place, which Andersen ultimately won.

Engstler’s success was only in danger in the final phase of the race, when René Kircher had to park his VW Golf GTI TCR next to the track with a technical defect and the safety car brought the field back together. At the restart, Luca Engstler showed strong nerves, let nothing burn and ultimately drove a clear start-finish victory home. But he also knew whom to thank afterwards: “A race like this only works if the guys in the Rux308 think for themselves. Martin Andersen and Jonas Karklys drove with their heads and did not try to attack early. Because that way we might have ruined each other’s race. “

Behind Andersen and Karklys, Engstler’s team-mate Nico Gruber completed the total triumph of the Hyundai i30 N TCR on the Lusatia race track. The second race will start on Sunday at 2.40 p.m. To be seen live on free TV on Nitro or in the livestream at

Result TCR Germany Lausitzring 1

1. Luca Engstler (Engstler Hyundai)
2. Martin Andersen (Engstler Hyundai)
3.Jonas Karklys (Hyundai North Pass)
4. Nico Gruber (Engstler Hyundai)
5. Marcel Fugel (Fugel Honda)
6. Eric Salvini (Wimmer Cupra)
7. Christopher Röhner (Fugel Honda)
8. Dominik Fugel (Halder Honda)
9. Philipp Regensperger (Lubner Opel)
10. Roland Hertner (Fugel Honda)

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