ADAC TCR Germany: Hyundai celebrates again

The final race of the ADAC TCR Germany began with a nasty foul. The only open question was about second place in the overall standings behind Luca Engstler, who was already the champion.
His colleague in the Hyundai Team Engstler, the Dane Martin Andersen, and Honda driver Dominik Fugel were the protagonists in the duel for the runner-up. With the better conditions for the Dane. He was three points ahead of the table and started the last race of the season from pole position.
When Andersen braked the first corner after a good start, Dominik Fugel’s younger brother, Marcel Fugel, who had started from sixth place, rushed into the rear of Andersen’s Hyundai i30 N TCR with his Honda, sending the Dane into a veritable spin and thus to the end of the field.

Martin Andersen wins the runner-up championship.

Marcel Fugel received a drive-through penalty for this, but before he took it, the obviously over-motivated young man from Chemnitz fought further, sometimes hair-raising skirmishes with, among others, Nico Gruber (Hyundai), before the race management put an end to the hustle and bustle and the Honda driver with the black one Flag (disqualification) withdrawn from the race.

Even without these maneuvers, the last race of the season offered a lot of action and excitement. On a wet track, the drivers used different tires – sometimes they gambled with slicks in the hope that the track would dry off quickly. Ultimately, Karklys and Andersen’s choice of rain tires turned out to be the right choice.

Andersen, who was twelve seconds behind the penultimate, took advantage of the many duels in the field and worked his way closer and closer to his rivals. In the further course of the race he then caught up one position after the other.

After a tough duel with the Polish Honda driver Albert Legutko, the Dane, who had also finished the TCR series in his home country on Ranz two last year, finally took fifth place, which was enough for him to make the runner-up championship.

Meanwhile, the Lithuanian Jonas Karkyls, who started from seventh place, stayed out of all skirmishes and passed skilfully. In a hot final phase, he also overtook Szymon Ladniak and took home his first victory in the ADAC TCR Germany.

“It’s a great feeling, we didn’t expect it. There is no better way to end a season. Now we want to celebrate a bit, ”Karklys cheered.

ADAC TCR Germany: Result Sunday race

1. Jonas Karklys (Hyundai)
2. Szymon Ladniak (Honda)
3. Nico Gruber (Hyundai)
4. Dominik Fugel (Honda)
5. Martin Andersen (Hyundai)
6. Albert Legutko (Honda)
7. Roland Hertner (Hyundai)
8. Patrick Sing (Hyundai)
9. Robin year (Hyundai)
10. Philipp Regensperger (Opel)

End of table season 2021

1. Luca Engstler (337 points)
2. Martin Andersen (286 points)
3. Dominik Fugel (285 points)
4. Eric Scalvini (263 points)
5. Nico Gruber (218 points)

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