Adblue Diesel additive: Can I make Adblue from urine myself?

Around ten million Diesel motor vehicles in Germany must stock up on Adblue regularly. But Adblue is becoming increasingly scarce. At the same time, prices rise. Many drivers ask themselves: Can I make Adblue myselfto make myself independent of the problem?

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To do this, you have to know what’s behind that brand names Adblue is stuck. The term is an artificial word that the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) as a trademark. In some countries Adblue is called differently, e.g. B. “OFF32“. The abbreviation stands for” Aqueous Urea Solution “, that is, aqueous urea solution. The liquid is therefore a solution of urea in distilled water.

Urea is found in urine

Anyone reading urea could think of urine now. Indeed it is Urea is a component of human urine and all mammals. It was first chemically detected almost 300 years ago. Today, urea is one of the most widely produced chemicals in the world – not only for the car additive Adblue, but above all for synthetic fertilizers as a raw material for adhesives and other widely used products.
AdBlue graphic

The mixing ratio of urea to water is 1: 2.

Since 2007, urea has been used as a component of Adblue in SCR catalytic converters in diesel vehicles toxic nitric oxide (NOx) to reduce. The substance is finely dosed and sprayed into this catalytic converter (which, by the way, can also be retrofitted) and causes the nitrogen oxides to be split into water vapor and gaseous nitrogen. The chemical aftertreatment can thus remove a large part of the NOx render harmless.

Adblue needs a lot of urea

Unfortunately, it is not enough to mix a urine sample with distilled water and pour it into the Adblue tank. The engine electronics would be with it briefly outsmartbecause the liquid in the tank is not analyzed automatically. But cheating can’t work: In Adblue, the ratio of water to urea has to be around 2: 1. However, urine only contains two to four percent urea. An adult normally excretes up to 1.5 liters of urine per day, but only about 20 grams of urea are included!
Indicator lights warning lights - AdBlue

The electronics warn that Adblue needs to be refueled.

Thus, even adulterated Urine adblue carry out the NOx reduction insufficiently. Formally, avoiding industrial Adblue would be tax fraud. But what is much more serious: urine, whether from animals or humans, contains numerous other substances, for example various substances, in addition to water and urea Proteins, but also – depending on the producer – residual alcohol, medication, cocaine etc. These organic compounds are of course not used in the SCR-Kat.

The system would clog

Urine is a metabolic product organic “garbage”, in which harmful substances are flushed out of the body. If these Body waste cause damage in the catalytic converter is not known. But at least it can be assumed that there are residues of it in the tank, the lines and the fine nozzles deposit, react with other organic substances and atmospheric oxygen, rot, etc. Sooner or later the system would be clogged and would have to be repaired or at least cleaned at great expense.
Functional principle of the BNOx system

Adblue reduces nitrogen oxides to water vapor and nitrogen.

Adblue is based on its own, globally recognized standard: ISO 22241. Accordingly, the liquid must consist of 32.5 percent urea solution and 67.5 percent demineralized water. This is water from which most of the minerals have been stripped. The ISO standard sets high standards for the quality of production, testing, transport, storage and use not to be observed in everyday life are.

The pollutant killer AdBlue - functional principle

Organic matter would quickly clog the system.

The manufacturer’s guarantee also expires

The automakers warn in the Operating instructions their vehicles before: The use of inferior diesel additives can damage the catalytic converter or other important components, too it also endangers the manufacturer’s warranty of the car. Unfortunately, Adblue cannot easily be replaced by liquids that have been produced in-house.

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