‘Adele does not make songs about divorce for new record’

The divorce is different from her previous stranded relationships. Especially since the singer and her ex-husband have a son. “They both think that Angelo should be protected, so Adele has agreed not to sing about their relationship,” an insider told me. The Sun.

According to the insider, the album already has a ‘different sound’ than her previous records. “So that’s why she didn’t mind so much that Simon quietly assumed she kept their relationship out of her music.”

After the success of her debut album 19 (2008) told Adele that the ex she sang about had claimed copyright. “He really thought that being a jerk had given him input into the creative process,” said the 32-year-old singer at the time. “The only credit he gets is for helping me grow up.”

It is not yet known when Adele’s new album will be released. Predecessor 25 appeared in 2015.


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