Adidas: The company with the three stripes will focus on eco & e-commerce in the future


The group with the three stripes will focus on eco and e-commerce in the future. According to information from the “Handelsblatt”, these are two focal points of the five-year strategy of Adidas boss Kaspar Rorsted, which he will present on March 10th in Herzogenaurach.

Rorsted has high hopes for the “Loop” concept, with which shoes and textiles can be completely recycled. And with the new “Strung” process, he wants to produce better running shoes – and at lower costs, reports the “Handelsblatt”.

A robot weaves the upper material from threads. The result is a seamless, lightweight cocoon which, according to the Adidas researchers, produces hardly any excess material, reports the “Handelsblatt”. Every single thread can be placed individually in order to get flexibility, stability and breathability exactly where the athletes need them. Rorsted plans to bring the first running shoes with this technology to stores next year.

In-house e-commerce should also play a much more important role. Here Rorsted will set new, ambitious sales targets, said company insiders to the “Handelsblatt”, who are familiar with the plans.

When it comes to growth, Adidas was left behind by its competitors

Adidas, this much is clear to many market observers, needs this new impetus. “The group has recently lost speed. Compared to Nike and Puma, Adidas comes off worst in terms of sales growth, ”says Thomas Jökel, Union Investment fund manager.

What Adidas has been missing so far were best sellers. “So far, Rorsted has lived heavily on innovations that were already in the pipeline when he joined Adidas. Now he has to prove that he can be creative and innovative himself, ”warns Ingo Speich, Deka Investment fund manager to the“ Handelsblatt ”. With eco and e-commerce, Rorsted is now daring the required innovations.


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