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ADO Den Haag hoped to recover on Sunday from the hard defeat on a visit to Groningen last Tuesday (3-0). It was reason for trainer Brood to intervene against Sparta. The recently recruited Martin Fraisl was preferred under the bar over Luuk Koopmans, who had to give up his starting place.

Soon everyone at ADO held their breath for a moment after Abdou Harroui stood on Bobby Adekanya’s ankle. The ADO debutant cried out in pain, but fortunately was able to continue after being taken care of. Both teams started the game expectantly. Both ADO and Sparta had things well organized in the back, but surprisingly, the teams were initially unable to break any pots.

Until Harroui got a big chance on the opening goal just before half time, but the midfielder saw his shot go wide. On the other hand, Michiel Kramer with a header was dangerous, but the Sparta goalkeeper saw the ball coming straight towards him and could just hit the leather over the goal. Tomislav Gomelt hit it off from the following corner. Unlike Kramer, Gomelt aimed well towards the corner and now Maduke Okoye had no chance.

After half time ADO kept chasing the goal and Sparta had to reverse. Still, Henk Fraser’s team came alongside out of nowhere. A perfect cross from Lennart Thy was headed in by substitute Reda Kharchouch.

In the remainder, both teams were still close to victory, but in the end ADO and Sparta each stepped off the field with one run.

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