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Adobe is testing a free cropped version of its Photoshop photo editing software in Canada.

Adobe wants to win more potential customers for its photo editing software with a free version of Photoshop. As the IT magazine “The Verge” reports, Adobe is working on a “freemium” version of the tool, which is currently only available in Canada.

Web version with core functions

To access the free web version, users must sign up for an Adobe account. The web version is missing some features, but the core features of Photoshop are included. The software is currently in the beta phase and Adobe is gradually expanding it with new functions. Currently, only Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers are supported by the Photoshop web version. Firefox support will follow shortly. However, Safari or Webkit are not mentioned in the Adobe FAQs. The web version of Photoshop is also not recommended for use on mobile devices.

Expansion to other countries still unclear

It is not known if and when Adobe will extend the test of the Photoshop web version to other countries. According to Maria Yap, Adobe’s vice president of digital imaging, the web version should enable more people to learn about and try out Photoshop. Adobe is hoping for new customers for its Creative Cloud subscription. In Germany, the subscription with Lightroom and Photoshop and 20 gigabytes of memory currently costs 11.89 euros per month.

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