Advantage Texas: The Tesla factory near Austin already has a Giga press and dozens of robot containers

The German Tesla Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin had a few months ahead at the beginning, because the preparatory work for it began at the end of 2019, the forest clearing on the site in February 2020, and the first groundbreaking (unceremonious and by excavator) came to an end May reported. In July of that year, however, Tesla began work on the ground for its next Gigafactory, located near the technology metropolis of Austin in the US state of Texas. And although the outer shell of Giga Berlin, unlike that of Giga Austin, is now as good as finished, the US project seems to be slowly pulling away from the German one.

Speeding up at Tesla in Texas

This can be seen from drone recordings that local observers of the two Tesla projects regularly publish on Twitter and YouTubers. On Video of the German Giga construction site This week even came from CEO Elon Musk himself. As can be seen in it, the two main buildings of the factory are already largely up and are also closed above. In Texas, however, large parts of the diamond-shaped planned electric car plant are still there as steel skeletons and some are still completely missing.

But, as mentioned, work there began much later, which means that the construction teams for Tesla in Texas are setting a faster pace. The fact that the German project is slowed down by a complex approval process could also play a role. At the moment, Tesla is apparently still waiting for the ninth advance permit for further work on Giga Berlin to be granted. In the USA, however, nothing was known about such difficulties and delays.

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This difference can also be clearly seen in the fact that in Grünheide the arrival of parts for the eight Giga presses from Italy was observed as early as the end of 2020, which in the future will produce the rear and front frames for the Model Y using the die-casting process. They didn’t arrive in Texas until late January. At the German construction site, press components have meanwhile been transported to the area of ​​the main building that is intended for them according to the plans. But their installation has not yet started, presumably due to a lack of approval – while in Texas the first of the house-sized machines seems to be almost completely assembled.

More robots at Gigafactory in Texas

You can see that in the latest drone video from local observer Joe Tegtmeyer from Thursday this week. From high above the giga press, which is almost 20 meters long and 6 meters high, doesn’t look that big at all, but that is also due to the enormous dimensions of the emerging factory in which it is located. Tegtmeyer has been watching what happened since the delivery of containerized parts in January. In his estimation, the first giga press is now almost finished. In the video it is covered, but the characteristic guide rods peek out from the side.

Giga Austin now seems to have a similar lead in robots. Admittedly none have been installed here either, but according to Tegtmeyer around 40 containers full of them are waiting in an area directly at the construction site, and around 75 containers have already been brought to the body shop. German Gigafactory observers also reported the arrival of robots this week. Six of them were photographed in front of the Tesla building, and Hundreds of others are supposed to wait in a tent; In addition, according to information, another 200 robot containers will be delivered to Tesla between March and April. But in Texas there are at least half as many – and judging by the pace there so far, they could be installed before the supplies arrive in Grünheide.


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