Advertising on Netflix: Start date for cheap subscription known

Netflix has revealed details of the ad-supported streaming subscription. Among other things, the start date.

Netflix’s ad-supported subscription is taking shape. Netflix executives have now revealed that the ad-supported, cheaper Netflix subscription will not have the full scope of the current paid subscription. The Verge reports, citing information from leading Netflix managers.

The vast majority of what people watch on Netflix today would be available on the ad-supported space, according to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos. There would be some additional content – Netflix would still be in talks with the studios on this – but not everything that’s available on the paid Netflix subscription would be available on the ad-supported subscription. But Netflix doesn’t think this would significantly impact its ad-supported subscription.

Start date for ad-supported Netflix subscription

The ad-supported Netflix subscription is scheduled to start in early 2023. But initially only in a few selected markets; Netflix has not yet revealed which countries these will be. Netflix then wants to evaluate and respond to customer feedback and adjust the offer, as the company writes in a letter to shareholders.

Important: The new subscription will not be free and will not be paid for solely through advertisements. But Netflix expressly speaks of a “cheaper” subscription. The users still have to pay something for it and also see the advertising.

Netflix is ​​working with Microsoft on this. According to the streaming service, the ads placed via the advertising-supported Netflix subscription will only be available via the Microsoft platform. You can read more about the cooperation between Netflix and Microsoft in Netflix: Low-cost subscription planned in cooperation with Microsoft.

In parallel to preparing for an advertising-financed and obviously slimmed-down Netflix subscription, the streaming service is also developing an account-sharing model.

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