Advice: Switch from Whatsapp to Telegram with taking over the chats

Whatsapp users who switch to Telegram can even import chats from Whatsapp. This is how the Messenger switch from Whatsapp to Telegram works

That’s why you should switch from Whatsapp to Telegram

More and more users are switching from Whatsapp to Telegram. When installing Telegram, it is even possible to export chats from Whatsapp and import them into Telegram. The takeover function supports individual and group chats as well as taking photos, videos and audio files to Telegram.

The best Whatsapp alternatives: Signal, Telegram, Threema etc.

The advantage of Telegram lies in the supposedly better data protection and the now quite widespread use of Telegram. However, the Telegram app is open source, but not the server component. If you want comprehensive security, you should look at the Threema and above all Signal apps.

How-to: Switching from WhatsApp to Signal

Tip: forward signal messages to Whatsapp

The Telegram app is available free of charge and can easily be used in parallel with Whatsapp. There is nothing to prevent an initial parallel operation and then later the deinstallation of Whatsapp.

Install and set up Telegram – language, pin code, blocked users

Telegram can be installed free of charge from Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store. Telegram for iOS Telegram for Android

Nothing stands in the way of parallel operation with WhatsApp. After setting up, you should first make the adjustments you want for Telegram under “Settings”.

With “Language” you can, for example, change the language from “English” to “German” in the options.

Under “Privacy and security” you can activate the “two-step confirmation” for the secure use of Telegram as well as define a pin code for access to Telegram (there are also pin codes for Whatsapp and Signal). Here the app also supports biometric logins, for Example logging in via FaceID.

If you do not want to communicate with certain users, you can block them at this point.

Check and configure contacts in Telegram

After installing Telegram, under “Contacts” you will find a list of your contacts on your smartphone who also use Telegram. If you do not want to add the contacts automatically, do not give the app the right to access the contacts when installing Telegram. But very few users will do that.


The DM Me app shows which messengers your friends are using

Control notifications – activate preview and turn off notifications for new contacts

As with Whatsapp, Telegram also notifies you when new messages arrive on your smartphone. Unfortunately, Telegram also annoys by default to show notifications when one of your contacts has logged into Telegram. The registration is then immediately listed as a chat in Telegram.

If you don’t want that, call up the settings in Telegram and switch to “Messages and tones”. If you deactivate the “New contacts” option, Telegram will no longer inform you.

If you want a preview of the message to appear on the lock screen and with the notification, activate the option “Message preview” under “Messages”.

Import chats from Whatsapp into Telegram

In contrast to Signal, Telegram can also accept chats from Whatsapp. This makes the change easier if the corresponding contact is also registered with Telegram, since no restrictions are to be expected from the change.

Chats can be exported to Whatsapp and imported into Telegram, including media


Chats can be exported to Whatsapp and imported into Telegram, including media

To export chats, open the chat in Whatsapp that you want to export and tap on its settings in Whatsapp. The menu item “Export Chat” appears at the bottom of the window on iPhones or when selecting additional options for Android. You can then choose whether you also want to export the media of the chat.

The smartphone then displays the sources to which you can export the chat. At this point, select the Telegram app on your smartphone. You can then import the individual or group chat into Telegram. After the import process, the group members of a group chat must be added manually in Telegram.

In the window you can then see the status of the import process in Telegram. The chat is then available in Telegram in the same form as in Whatsapp, including all images, videos and audio files.

Status of the import process in Telegram

If you are a member of groups and do not want to receive a notification for every new message in the group, deactivate the “Show notifications” option under “Group notifications”. With “Exceptions” you can activate the notifications for individual groups.

Watch out for security in Telegram: Use secret chats

Whatsapp offers end-to-end encryption as standard. However, this is standard when using Telegram


the case. Although the chats are generally encrypted, Telegram saves the data including all photos and videos on cloud storage. The provider could theoretically decrypt the chats here. If you don’t want that, you have to configure your chats as “secret chats”. Telegram offers the possibility of using secret chats and normal chats in parallel.

Use secret chats in Telegram

If you want end-to-end encryption, as in Whatsapp, in which strangers cannot gain access to chats, then you must first manually activate the “Start secret chat” option in the chat settings. The other participant must first approve the secret chat. After that, all messages are encrypted end-to-end. Telegram marks secret chats with a lock symbol.

Security options of secret chats in Telegram


Security options of secret chats in Telegram

Send self-erasing messages

In Telegram, you can also send messages for secret chats that are automatically deleted. To do this, use the “Self-Destruct Timer” option in the chat options. You can then choose when the message should be automatically deleted from the chat. An icon is also available in the text field. If you tap this, the messages will be deleted after the selected time.

Use Telegram in Windows, macOS and Linux or with the web browser

As with Whatsapp and Signal, Telegram can also be used on the PC. There are two options here. Telegram can be used via a web browser via the URL To do this, you must first authenticate yourself to Telegram via Telegram and your mobile phone number.

If you want to use Telegram in Windows, macOS and Linux, Telegram Desktop can be downloaded and installed free of charge. The application is independent of the web browser. Both solutions can be used in parallel with the corresponding apps for Whatsapp.


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