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The main index closed 0.3% higher at 524.38 points, after dropping to 514.3 points early in the morning. Over the week, the AEX rose by 4.8%, this year the index is still -13%. The AMX fell 0.1% to 694.64 points.

The British FTSE 100 lost 0.3%, the German DAX rose 0.1% and the French CAC-40 recorded a fraction loss.

“Volumes in the trade remained decent, the trend is not bad underlying. But many investors are taking risks out now that the US and UK stock exchanges are closed on Monday, ”said ABN Amro trader Frank Bonsee. “You don’t want to take any risks with Trump’s threats, and China at the center of its national people’s congress.”

The stock exchanges in New York were all at a loss at the Amsterdam stock exchange. The S&P 500 lost 0.3%.

Chinese tension

Tensions around China dominated for asset manager Joop van de Groep (Fintessa). Beijing dropped its growth target for the world’s second economy. “That can explain the sharp fall in the oil price, China is a big buyer, today.” Brent oil dropped 5%.

In addition to President Trump’s accusation that China is the cause of the coronavirus, the information for a long time has been obscured, fresh signals from investors are emerging of a flaring trade war between the U.S. and China, the financial economist says.

China was firing oil this morning by enacting laws to ensure “national security” in Hong Kong and Macau. Washington directly supported Hong Kong and Macau.


Major chains, such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, reported a reboot after the corona crisis. “But there is a difference between opening a branch and getting people into the store. Consumers are afraid. The catering industry will be the litmus test, ”says economist Koen Bender of Mercurius. “And you can fly again on Curacao, but if planes remain empty you better leave them on the ground.”

A thermometer for Bender will be the next job figure in the US. “There will be jobs again, in addition to the fact that one in four Americans has become unemployed. Amazon, Walmart, Domino’s Pizza are now filling vacancies. For investors it will be about: where are the new jobs going, where is growth? ”

ABN surprised

Climbed to the main funds ABN Amro at the top by 8% to close at 3.9%.

Payment processor Adyen became 5% more expensive, chip supplier ASMI rose 4.4%.

Market researchers had no conclusive explanation for the initially relatively strong advance of ABN Amro, other than that the State-supported institution is “a bargain”. Last week, the bank was at its lowest point ever.

ABN lost 70% on the Damrak this year. The latest ECB minutes provide support for financials, as an initially expected V-shaped recovery from the corona crisis is virtually out of the question, say economists.

Within financials, the course went back and forth. ING was the most traded (28.9 million pieces, against 10.6 million for ABN Amro) and lost 0.2%, Aegon plus with 0.3%. That was a 2.5% profit at first.

The Dutch main funds included Prosus with a loss of 3.4% at the bottom. The investor in technology companies is in Tencent. From the Group (Fintessa): “Tencent drops on Wall Street by about 4%. That stock, like funds like Alibaba, could be affected by the tightening of demands and possibly a trade ban on Chinese companies that President Trump wants to introduce. ”

Medical technology company Philips declined 0.2%. Turkish companies would like to buy their household branch, the value of which is estimated at around € 3 billion.

Shell went from profit to loss and closed 0.7% lower. A lawsuit against Shell ended.

To save costs, the energy giant offered a voluntary departure scheme for personnel.

The medium-sized funds ended Air France KLM with a minus of 2.6% at the bottom.

It was at the top PostNL with a 2.7% increase in addition to the front runner Altice (+ 3.4%).

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