AEX shoots up, fear of omikron gone for the time being

Investors are now less concerned about the economic impact of omikron due to reports that the symptoms of the disease would be mild and they are daring to invest again in growth stocks such as those of chip companies ASML, ASMI and Besi.

805 points

The AEX index on Beursplein 5 ended 3.5 percent higher at 805.78 points. On Thursday 25 November, the day before great anxiety arose in the financial markets about what is now called omikron, the AEX closed at 807.55 points.

The MidKap rose 2.6 percent to 1052.01 points. All shares in the AEX and in the MidKap gained in value. The stock exchanges in Frankfurt, London and Paris climbed to 2.9 percent.

Great day for ASML

Heavyweight ASML was one of the biggest winners in the AEX with a plus of 8.3 percent. Only ASMI did better with a gain of 8.6 percent. Besi finished 7.2 percent higher.

The chip funds also made significant progress elsewhere in Europe. For example, the German Infineon in Frankfurt gained more than 6 percent and STMicroelectronics rose 5.7 percent in Paris.

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