AfD troublemakers: Bundestag wants to tighten rules and impose fines

AfD MPs applaud the AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland after his speech on the changes in the Infection Protection Act.

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According to veteran MPs, there have been no such tumults in the Reichstag for decades: In connection with the deliberations on a new infection protection law, AfD politicians apparently smuggled several Corona critics and alleged rights into the Bundestag. These ambushed MPs in hallways and harassed them. Politicians locked themselves in the offices for fear of outbreaks of violence.

Several incidents were made public on Twitter, including a video on which a woman mobbed Federal Economics Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU). The pictures caused horror among politicians from all political groups (except the AfD) – which is why the rules in parliament are now to be tightened significantly, according to research by

So it is said after deliberations of the council of elders of the Bundestag that the rules of procedure of the parliament should be changed. According to this, either the possibility of imposing a fine (§37) is to be expanded or the general rules of conduct of parliamentarians are to be supplemented by further regulations.

Specifically, fines should be imposed in the future against people who disrupt “the internal order of parliament” or contribute to it, it says. This should prevent actions like on Wednesday, behind which, according to a situation report by the Bundestag, AfD politicians are supposed to be, in the future.

According to the parliamentary director of the FDP, Marco Buschmann, the Bundestag administration is also examining possible criminal charges. AfD MPs may be prosecuted for inciting or aiding and abetting coercion (Section 106 of the Criminal Code). This is imprisonment for up to ten years. Schäuble let it be noted at the meeting that he was not kidding in this case, said Buschmann.

Under the direction of Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP), material is now to be collected that proves such behavior by the AfD. Employees and members of parliament were called upon to report their observations or incidents to Kubicki. It should be clear by the end of the year whether criminal proceedings can be initiated against the MPs involved. Then the Berlin public prosecutor would take over the case.

“A complaint is not enough for me for such behavior”

In the run-up to the meeting, the CDU MP Patrick Sensburg had demanded tougher sanctions against the AfD against “A reprimand is not enough for me for such behavior”. The past has shown that these do not work. The labor market expert Kai Whittaker (CDU) demanded in a letter to the President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) a complete and speedy clarification of the incidents.

According to information from, the council of elders has so far only voiced complaints. This is a regulatory measure that sanctions the unparliamentary behavior of a member.

At the meeting of the Council of Elders, all parliamentary groups also discussed a situation report by the Bundestag administration on the incidents on Wednesday, which was produced in cooperation with the Bundestag police. has this available. According to this, the AfD MP Udo Hemmelgarn Ilia Tabere, a right-wing YouTuber, and the conspiracy theorist Thorsten Schulte, registered as guests in the Reichstag building. Schulte has now confirmed his presence on site, according to “RND”. A video by YouTuber Ilia Tabere that shows him and Hemmelgarn with other guests in the Bundestag has already disappeared today.

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