After AstraZeneca vaccination: Several clinic employees call in sick

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It seems that side effects are common after vaccination with the active ingredient in AstraZeneca. According to a report by the “Norddeutscher Rundfunk” (NDR), 29 employees at the Emden Clinic called in sick after receiving the first dose of the vaccine from the British-Swedish manufacturer. Those affected experienced headaches, nausea and sometimes chills.

According to a spokesman for the clinic, 194 employees were vaccinated on Friday and Saturday. How long the side effects persisted in the vaccinated is not yet known. According to the NDR, the vaccination was initially suspended on Saturday due to the symptoms. Five other employees were no longer vaccinated so that operations on one ward could be maintained. It is not known which station it is.

As the NDR reports, vaccinated personnel in Oldenburg are also said to be affected by side effects such as chills and nausea. The state government knows about all cases. At the moment there is still no reason to fundamentally change the vaccination strategy, a spokesman for the Ministry of Social Affairs told the NDR. In order not to endanger ongoing operations, the Oldenburg clinic no longer wants to vaccinate on weekends. Because during the week it is easier to get a replacement, the hospital is quoted by the NDR.

RKI: “The symptoms are an expression of the immune response”

According to the Robert Koch Institute, such reactions can occur both with the vaccines from Biontech / Pfizer and Moderna, which are based on mRNA technology, and with the vector-based AstraZeneca vaccine. When it comes to the active ingredient in AstraZeneca, the most common side effects include headache, fatigue and feelings of sickness. Symptoms usually start shortly after vaccination and last a few days.

The vaccination reaction, for example in the cases reported in Emden, was “not at all unexpected,” said Erlangen infection immunologist Christian Bogdan of the German press agency. “The symptoms are an expression of the immune response, which shows that something actually happens in the body after the vaccination. The symptoms mentioned here, such as headache or fever, correspond completely to what has already been published in studies, ”said Bogdan.

And AstraZeneca also emphasizes that the side effects are nothing to worry about. “Currently, the reported reactions are as we would expect them based on the findings from our clinical study program,” the company informed the NDR. However, the company did not address the cases in Emden.

Similar cases in North Rhine-Westphalia

The “FAZ” reports significantly more cases. Heiger Scholz (SPD), State Secretary in Lower Saxony’s Ministry of Health, is said to have told the newspaper that around half of those vaccinated in a clinic called in sick. In two other clinics it was around a third and a quarter of the vaccinated workforce. The state government has already forwarded the processes to the Robert Koch Institute for examination, writes the FAZ.

Similar incidents have already occurred in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the Minden-Lübbecke district, so many vaccinated rescue workers called in sick that it had an impact on operational readiness.

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