After Brexit: No problems with the first truck controls

Contrary to what had been feared, the first trucks crossed the English Channel without delays after Great Britain broke completely with the EU. The situation at the Eurotunnel was calm, said a spokesman for the operator Getlink on Friday morning the PA news agency. “The majority of drivers will not notice any changes.”

Great Britain has not been a member of the EU internal market or the customs union since midnight. That also means customs controls. However, the authorities had announced that they would initially handle the regulation quite loosely. “The government cannot expect companies to have all the paperwork ready in the short time,” said Tudor Price, deputy chief of the Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Customs border in Ireland

In Ireland, however, the government warned of delays in the movement of goods. Trade will certainly be disrupted “by a lot more controls, customs declarations, bureaucracy and paperwork,” Foreign Secretary Simon Coveney told the BBC. The British province of Northern Ireland is de facto still a member of the internal market, but there is now a customs border in the Irish Sea.


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