After Corona rule violation: Johnson’s chief advisor may stay

Controversial figure

The campaign strategist and chief adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, is one of the most controversial figures in British politics. The non-partisan likes to stage himself as a brilliant lateral thinker who mixes up the establishment with unconventional means.

He will be the success of the Brexit supporters in the EU referendum 2016 and also the victory of the conservatives in the General election attributed last year. But he is also accused of fighting with unclean means. For example, he’s supposed to be behind the false claim Great Britain as an EU member have no way to accede to the Turkey to prevent the international community.

Ex-prime minister David Cameron is said to have once referred to him as a “career psychopath”. Under Johnson pulled Cummings in the Downing Street a. At the latest since the Chancellor’s resignation Sajid Javid in February he is considered the second most powerful man in Britain.


And he has a reputation for being uncompromising: Cummings had established a “terror regime”, the “Guardian“shortly after taking office Johnsons frustrated government insiders last summer. Employees are in constant fear of their jobs.

The 48-year-old makes no secret of the fact that he considers most politicians and government officials to be completely incapable. Ex-Brexit minister David Davis he once described as “stupid as bread and lazy as a toad”. He simply ignored a summons from the media committee in parliament.

His goal was to completely rebuild the government apparatus. New forms of training, employee recruitment and communication should lead to optimized decision-making processes. He imagined meeting rooms like control rooms of the US space agency NASA with dozens of screens and interactive or even walk-in charts, as he explained on his internet blog. But critics warned that the iconoclast could soon be overthrown.


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