After DHL: Hermes increases the prices – that’s how much a package now costs

DHL competitor Hermes raises prices. However, some package prices will also remain unchanged. This is what the new price structure looks like since August 1st, 2022.

After Deutsche Post DHL with effect from July 1, 2022, its competitor Hermes also adjusted its prices on August 1, 2022. To be precise: Hermes is increasing some of the prices for private national and international shipping of parcels and parcels as well as luggage and bulky goods.

Prices for national shipping

First the good news: The prices for the

Parcel shop delivery

(from one parcel shop to another parcel shop) remain unchanged (here there are only online prices):

Hermes parcel: 3.70 euros

S package: 4.40 euros

M package: 5.40 euros

L package: 10.40 euros

Prices for parcel shop delivery.

The situation is different with the

Doorstep Delivery

(from the parcel shop to the recipient’s front door): Here the online price for the Hermes parcel increases from EUR 4.30 to EUR 4.50 (the online prices for S, M, L, XL and XXL package remain unchanged). In terms of parcel shop prices, the Hermes parcel remains unchanged at EUR 4.50, while S and M parcels are 40 and 10 cents more expensive, respectively.

Prices for doorstep delivery.

Anyone who orders collection at the front door separately now pays a one-off collection fee of 5 euros in addition to the online price.


Picking up a suitcase in a parcel shop

now costs 19.95 euros instead of the previous 15.95 euros. Can you do that?

Pick up luggage at the front door

, Hermes has been charging 24.95 euros since August 1, 2022 instead of the usual 18.95 euros. Hermes justifies this by saying that the transport and sorting of such space-consuming deliveries is particularly time-consuming. With the same justification, Hermes also justifies the price increase for the surcharge

bulky goods

: This now costs 19.95 euros instead of 14.95 euros.

All package prices can be found here. You can find an overview of luggage prices on this page, and Hermes has compiled the specifications for shipping bulky goods on this page.

International shipping prices

Hermes is increasing shipping prices to these seven countries: China, UK, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. Within the EU, on the other hand, prices remain stable. You can read all international package prices here.

International shipping prices.

DHL: This is what parcels & parcels will cost from July 1st, 2022

Overview & Tool: These postage prices apply to letters, postcards, parcels, etc.

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