After the corona alarm: government leaders resume work

Because of the passage of time, the Chancellery is confident that no cluster is in the making. The Chancellor and his employees were last tested for Corona on Tuesday last week – this is customary in the run-up to trips abroad (Kurz flew to Brussels last week). The employee concerned was still negative on Tuesday. He didn’t feel the first symptoms until Sunday evening. Taking into account the 48 hour incubation period, he should have been infected on Friday. Kurz – and also Kogler – last had contact with the person affected on Wednesday – two days before their alleged infection.

Nevertheless, Kurz, Kogler and their close colleagues go into self-isolation and plan a second test to be absolutely sure.

Kurz and Kogler are not the first members of the government to have a corona case in their immediate vicinity. Minister of Europe Karoline Edtstadler recently went into quarantine for two days until two test results confirmed that she was not infected by a cabinet official.

Foreign minister Alexander Schallenberg canceled a trip to Greece due to a corona case in the delegation.

Minister of Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck just returned from ten day quarantine. An infected person was present at the EU trade ministers’ meeting on September 24th.

Top politicians in Austria have not yet contracted Corona. However, parliamentarians and state politicians have become infected.

The first known case was the ÖVP MP Johann Singer At the 20th of March. The most recent cases of infection are ÖVP environmental spokesmen Johannes Schmuckenschlager and Neos budget spokesperson Karin Doppelbauer.

The MPs Maria Grossbauer and Martin Engelberg were already suffering from Corona. Also the Viennese councilor for housing Kathrin Gaal survived a corona infection in spring.


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