After the pickup, Hummer launches its electric SUV with big arms

The Hummer is dead, long live the Hummer: after the pickup, the famous bodybuilder SUV is back in force with a battery.

Symbol of American mechanical power, the Hummer is now part of the history books of automobiles. However, after many years of absence, the badge has seen the light of day with an electric pick-up. Not enough to revive the memory of the H2 for some, who will now console themselves with the electric SUV.

The GMC Hummer EV SUV (that’s its name), takes over the platform of the pick-up which has already emerged and whose first copy has found a taker against a check for $ 2.5 million. Like the utility, therefore, it uses the same mechanical architectures and equipment to be able to climb trees.

Up to 830 hp and 482 km of range

The range consists of five versions, two of which are Limited Edition 1 launch edition. The EV2 version opens the catalog with a range of 400 km and a power of more than 625 hp with its two engines. At the other end is the EV3x version with three electric motors for more than 830 hp and 15,592 Nm of torque. The 20-module battery here promises 482 km of autonomy, the maximum that the SUV can do. Note that there is no overpowered Edition 1 version of 1000 hp, reserved for the pick-up.

On the equipment side, we still note the presence of Crab Wlak mode (to ride … crabbing), Extract mode (which raises the body by 15 cm to get out of a situation) and WTF mode to aim for 3.5 seconds on the 0-100 km / h. The range opens from $ 79,995 and all prices are similar to the utility.


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