After three reductions: the price for Tesla Model S & Model X rises surprisingly by 5000 euros

After Tesla corrected the prices for the Model 3 downwards in the past few weeks, the Model S and X are now apparently going in the opposite direction. The price of both vehicles was raised by 5000 euros on the Tesla website for Germany this week. The Tesla Model S Maximum Range Plus with a range of 652 km now costs from 81,990 euros and the performance model at least 98,900 euros. The prices of the Tesla Model X Maximum Range plus have also increased and now start at 90,990 euros, the performance variant costs from 107,990 euros (each plus delivery fee of 980 euros).

Tesla increased after three cuts

In October, however, Tesla had lowered the prices for the Model S in Germany, and in July for both the Model S and Model X. There was an initial price reduction for the two premium electric cars this year in May. Overall, both cost less than they did earlier this year even after the current increase.

Of course, the question arises why Tesla changes its prices so often (not only in Germany) – and why it is suddenly going up again. In any case, the changes to the Model S and Model X have no effect on the electric car environmental bonus, as the prices were already too high for them.

Delivery time until March 2021

It cannot be conclusively said whether the new prices also mean changes in terms of the equipment of the vehicles ordered. No new information was found on the Tesla website on Wednesday. Noticeable, however: For Model S and Model X, which are now newly ordered for Germany, the delivery date is specified as March 2021. Finished new vehicles are currently not offered for either model.


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