After Windows 10 update: no more wifi

The recent update for Windows 10 can lead to significant problems. Among other things, the WLAN no longer works.

According to a report by the US IT news site Windowslatest, Microsoft has confirmed that the cumulative update “2665382” released for Windows 10 on patch day in June 2022 can cause problems. This is all the more disturbing because this update fixes a number of major annoyances in Windows 10. Among other things, a problem that causes Excel and Outlook to no longer start.

The reference to the problems caused by the KB5014699 update can be found in the release notes that Microsoft has now updated. One of the annoying issues that KB5014699 can cause is Windows 10 Wi-Fi function disruption. According to this warning, some users are unable to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot after installing KB5014699 on their Windows 10 machine without their Windows 10 PC loses connection to the internet.

Microsoft writes the following: “After installing this update, Windows devices may no longer be able to use the Wi-Fi hotspot function. If you try to use the hotspot function, the host device may lose connection to the Internet, after a client device connects.” Microsoft currently only recommends this workaround: “To mitigate the problem and restore Internet access on the host device, you can turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot feature. See Use your Windows PC as a portable hotspot for instructions.”

Turn off the hotspot function in the Windows settings in the “Network and Internet” area. Your PC should then be able to connect to the WiFi again.

Another problem, on the other hand, affects only enterprise users. After installing KB5014699, users can no longer log in to Azure Active Directory (AAD). You can read all the information about KB5014699 in the corresponding Microsoft blog entry.

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