Again: Georgia is counting votes in the US election again

Distance of 14,111 votes

Raffensperger said that Biden leads Georgia by 14,111 votes. That is a multiple of the difference in votes that led to recounts in previous years. Raffensperger emphasized that Georgia had decided on the recount itself. Donald Trump’s campaign team has meanwhile stated that a letter to this effect had been sent to the authorities in Georgia the day before.

Raffensperger said on CNN that the recounting will confirm the current result. The investigations have not yet ended, but so far there have been no major abnormalities, at least “nothing in the order of magnitude of more than 10,000” votes, he emphasized.

Around five million votes had been cast in Georgia. Biden would be the first Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1992 to win the state in a presidential election.

Georgia candidates can request a recount if the gap is up to 0.5 percentage points. Biden currently leads in the state with 49.5 percent, ahead of Trump with 49.2 percent.


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