Again with the lion, of course: Peugeot presents a new logo

Again with the lion, of course: Peugeot presents a new logo

Many other manufacturers have already done it, now Peugeot also has a new logo. Which model could get it first plus all information!

E.In 2020 Kia did it, and so did Opel, now Peugeot has presented its new, more minimalist logo. The new emblem consists of a black coat of arms in which the brand-typical lion can be found. Above is the brand name. With the predecessor, the king of the animals was stylized and seen in full, now only the head with flowing mane is shown in profile and the representation is a little more realistic. According to Peugeot, the lion stands for strength and intuition.
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Eleventh logo since 1850

The new logo is now the eleventh since the brand was founded in 1850. Peugeot introduced its predecessor in 2010. According to the French, it will now time for a new emblembecause the model range has been completely revised and, to a large extent, electrified over the past ten years. So the cars have changed a lot and the logo had to be adapted accordingly. Another reason is that the black and white 2D logo can be better represented digitally. The first Peugeot with the new logo could be the new 308which will be presented in 2021.

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