Agreement on Corona summit: hairdressers and pedicure from March 1st

The Chancellery in Berlin
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Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the 16 country leaders met again on Wednesday for a virtual corona summit to discuss how the lockdown in Germany will continue.

The top politicians are still meeting at the moment, but the first decisions have already been made.

Hairdressers: Hairdressers are allowed to reopen from March 1st. Likewise “offers of hygienically necessary body-friendly services”, such as foot care studio. Tattoo studios are not one of them. Previously, Merkel had only wanted to open hairdressers from March 1, the federal states refused and demanded that they open from February 22.

Schools and daycare centers: Schools and daycare centers can reopen cautiously at the discretion of the federal states. However, the federal states agree that primary schools and graduating classes should first take classroom lessons.

Dispute over lockdown

It is still open how long the lockdown will be extended. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants until March 14th, the federal states until March 7th.

Should March 7th be decided, it would be a purely political compromise. Because initially both sides had spoken on Tuesday of an extension to March 1. On Wednesday morning, Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) surprised the country leaders in a draft resolution for the summit on March 14th. Until then, everything should stay tight. The only exception: hairdressers.

According to information from, even the CDU prime ministers categorically refused to extend it until March 14. The country leaders already offered the golden mean in preliminary talks as a compromise: March 7th. At the same time, however, they called for faster opening steps, especially since the federal and state governments already have a corresponding opening concept ( reported).

Business resumed from incidence of 50?

In contrast to the resolution proposed by the Chancellor on Wednesday morning, the federal states want to give a concrete opening perspective for shops, cultural institutions and sports facilities. According to the state proposal, it says: “Whether and when the next opening steps can take place should be decided at the joint meeting on March 3rd in the light of the development of the number of infections, taking into account the new variants. The aim is to achieve a stable 7-day incidence below 50 and, if possible, below 35, in order to be able to make openings and further contacts possible step by step, initially for retail, culture and sport in groups. Perspectives also have to be developed for the catering and hotel sectors. “

In plain language: The federal states want shops, cultural institutions and group sports offers to reopen or become possible from an incidence of 50. The strict contact regulations should then also be relaxed. The value is currently 68 nationwide.


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